Friday, January 27, 2017

Quiet days on the beach

We have had and are having a couple of quiet days here in El Chaco. Yesterday Bill wasn't feeling very good so he spent most of the day laying down. His allergies were acting up. Today he is feeling fine. While he was resting I took a very short walk on the beach. Still don't want to annoy my knee too much. This is a huge beach, goes on forever. Way in the distance is the town of San Blas.
 Just a boat on the  beach, it is actually used for fishing. 
 Looking at the new dock that is being built. Part of the new plan for the area when the new Autopista is opened. Will try to get up to it for a better look at it before we leave here. 
Just another look at the fishing boat. 
 The covered area that is part of El Chaco. 
 Lots and lots of tables and chairs under it. Really busy on the weekends and on holidays. Not so much right now. 
Looking back towards the highway and restaurant. There are so many coconuts on the trees. 
 The beginning of yet another sunset.
The sun disappearing into a fog bank. 
 Coming out below it. 
And today Bill was feeling chipper so we started out for town. The clank, clank under Willie the Jeep seemed much worse than it had been. So back to the RV park and John and Bill took off to get a mechanic. About 1/2 hour later he arrived. Diagnosis - broken bolt in shock. Should be easy to fix. No problem. 

 OOPS, bigger problem than first thought. Needed a special tool to get to it. More parts coming off.
Working to get part out. Needed bigger hammer!
 And so sits Willie, need to go to  Tepic to Ford dealer to get right sized part. Be back later. 
So we may or may not have a car later today, probably tomorrow. So Bill is watching TV and I'm over at the restaurant on the Internet which seems to be cooperating better today. 
Might walk up the beach later to the new dock to check it out. Then again might not. 

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