Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fuel, food and the Peso

Saturday early morning. Just starting to get light out.
For some reason I woke up in a snit this morning [in case you aren’t familiar with the word snit means mean mood.] Good thing Bill is sleeping in. (Tis now evening - didn't get around to posting this a.m.) My mood improved the day progressed.
We didn’t go to the Art Walk last night because no one, except me, thought it was a good idea for me to be walking with my knee. Didn’t seem to matter when we were walking all over Centro a couple of days ago. Probably good thing we didn’t go as it also got pretty cold out when the sun went down. Well, cold for here. Right now our outside thermometer reads 57. Even the highs are cooler this week, no 80’s in sight mostly 77 for the coming week. OMG just saw that it was snowing in Vegas this morning. Guess I shouldn't complain about a little chill. 
As for my knee – I guess it is slowly getting better. The bruising isn’t getting any worse and some of it seems to be getting lighter in color. The knee I still somewhat swollen and pulls the skin when I bend it. Up till now there hasn’t been any pain but yesterday it was quiet sore. Guess that as the swelling goes down the hurt parts are coming back to feeling. The worst thing about my knee is that I like to sit on my feet – you know, knees bent under me. And I can’t do that. And it is a hard habit to break. Every time I go to sit down at the table I forget and bend that leg … it is the leading leg to sit on at the dinette.
Also yesterday my Nook decided to quit working. I knew it was starting to have problems before we left home but didn’t feel that justified buying a new one. ARRRGGG! I can read on my laptop but not as comfortable. I do have our tablet with us, but it only works with kindle so today will try to set it up and switch all my on line book sites to kindle.
Here is a picture of my used to be white sandals that we had dyed by one of the shoe repair/shine men in the main plaza. I really like them, and my feet didn’t turn black when I wore them around here yesterday. Cost 70 Pesos = less than $3.50.
And when we were in the plaza a couple of days ago – when it was still okay for me to be walking around – I bought some really soft and fluffy polar fleece to make a throw for in here. For a little over 1 and 1/2 yards it cost me less than 8US$ Trying to think of a reason to buy some more. The designs were great for little kids. This was the right colors for in here.
I doubt that the US papers or new are covering what is going on now in Mexico. A week ago the government owned petroleum company PEMEX raised the price of fuel by 20% - already other prices are going up 20%. Anything delivered by truck or that uses fuel: buses, taxis, food, clothing, utilities, rents etc. etc. etc. The minimum wage went up 4 Pesos from 80 to 84 Pesos - that is A DAY - not an hour. Will not begin to cover the raise in everything else. Fuel tankers are being hi-jacked for the fuel. People are demonstrating and blocking roads. Mostly in and around Mexico City and cities south. Though Monterrey had a big demonstration. Many stations are without fuel. So far here around Mazatlan things are remaining pretty calm. Today there will be a big demonstration marching part way across the city to the government building in Centro. Fuel was already high here at 2.66 gallon for regular then an added 20%. And it will continue to go up during the year. Today the exchange rate for US is $1 = 21.34 pesos. It was as high as 21.90. 
Picked up our laundry and went to market [picked up a package of frozen peas to put on my knee] otherwise did nothing. Oh, I did cook dinner, Bill is doing the dishes as I write. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

It's even freezing here in Florida! Started out at 69 then dropped to 41 as we drove west.

Carol and Bill said...

it is still cool here at night, but not that cool

Unknown said...

that is so sad fo the Mexican people.

Carol and Bill said...

it is and will continue to have an impact on the average worker and family