Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Not much to write about

Haven't got much to write about yesterday and the day before, Have mostly stayed home and kept my leg up. 
Did run into town for groceries. All the curbs along the main road are being replaced a section at a time. All by hand by a couple of guys with a wheel barrow full of cement. They chip out the bad parts and fill them in with new cement. No warning signs so the driver really has to pay attention. These guys were just around a curve! 
 They've also been putting in cross walks of tile with wheel chair ramps and new bus stops and new signs designating the cross walks and ramps. Do people use them? Um NO.
Kind of nice sunrise yesterday. Lately there have been no picture worthy sunrises or sets Just clear skys with lots of humidity in them. 
Yesterday in the afternoon we took our friend and neighbor to the emergency as he'd been sick for a couple of days. Has throat and ear infection. Got shot and meds so hope he is on the mend. Then picked up our laundry. Exciting day. Also watched the ground fog make the condo disappear and reappear off and on. Spooky.

 The fog even made the Mazatlan news last night. Very unusual during the middle of the day.  The newsperson also interviewed the manager of one of the RV parks downtown. There are only 18 rigs in the park and it holds about 70.  75% Canadian and the rest from the US.  The park here is starting to get more rigs but still a lot of empty spaces. The big park right on the beach downtown has about 6 RVs in it. But it is pretty expensive. Lots of people not traveling this way this year.  And the way prices are going up it will be cheaper for some to stay in the states. 
We did go out for dinner last night, just across the street to the Torres to listen to Raphael play and sing and of course eat. Pleasant evening.
This morning at 9:00 we will meet our new unsuspecting tourist here at the campground and begin dragging him around the area. I think breakfast in El Quelite this morning as it will be warmer  there and it is a good introduction to a little town in Mexico. 
I will try to keep up with our activities. 

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