Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rain - but not very much.

No sunrise for the last two days. Just lots of gray clouds. Yesterday’s.
Around 10;00 yesterday morning we got in the car to run errands. Yes that is rain. Only rained off and on for about an hour. Just enough to clean the dust off plants and make puddles in the parking lots.
We went to the new Parisina – a yardage store – near the mall. I wanted to get some more of that polar fleece to make a couple more throws. So bought two meters each of two different colors – US$13.
While in the store the power went off so the yardage couldn’t be measured for the receipt. All electronic. And then when I got to the register and couldn’t check out. The computers that run the registers were rebooting. Ah progress! Sometimes I wonder how good it is.
Then we stopped at Mega the big supermarket a block away. Got groceries and I wanted to check on a knee brace – when I walk the knee feels like it wants to go different directions. The clerk sent us to sporting goods. While looking at the braces I noticed this. Talk about something from the past. Any female about my age will probably remember them. Two oval shaped pieces of plastic [usually pale pink], attached at the top and with a big spring connecting them about half way down. As you cupped your hands over them and pushed in you recited “I must, I must, I must increase my bust.” The mantra for any teenage girl of that time.
Came home and read and took a long nap. Had planned on cooking dinner, even bought an eggplant to fix. Plans changed we ended up across the street at the Torres for dinner. We eat dinner in the inside restaurant. Looking out through the windows. The sunset started out blah but eventually got almost spectacular. 
 Picture taken through the window, thus the reflections of lights. The corner of the palapa on the right is the outside restaurant where we eat breakfast. 
 It got really really red near the end. The camera just wouldn't pick up all the color. 
 Raphael - who we go to the plaza to see on Sundays - plays here on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So it makes for a very enjoyable dinner. Bill had chicken fajitas and I had a good taco salad. Plus coffee and ice tea. All for under twenty dollars.
 No one got up to dance last night. 
Came home and watched the news. The thing with the gasoline prices continues to cause more and more problems. Bill is watching it closely. So far it has been pretty calm with no more demonstrations or gas shortages around Mazatlan. 
Today Jamie will pick up the car to redo a couple of the graphics on the side that bled. Hopefully we'll get it back by Saturday. But this is Mexico. . .
Going to start on my throws today after I give Arvi a GOOD cleaning. 
First morning that my knee isn't swollen. But still babying it. 

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SandyM said...

Carol, when making the little throws with the fleece do you just cut and knot the edges? Do you do it on all sides? We have been having some cool evenings here in Rincon so need to make a throw for Rex so he will quit using the rug over his legs! Hope I can find the fleece here if not will look in Puerto Vallarta Friday. TIA