Thursday, January 12, 2017

First day with our new captured tourist

Did you ever have one of those dreams that are so real that even when you wake up you still think it happened. Have to make yourself believe it was a dream. I had one this morning, not a nice dream. Kind of makes me want to call the person it was about and make sure everything is okay. The uneasiness hangs on for a while. But enough of that
The sun is trying to come out this morning but there is a heavy gray cloud cover. Hope it burns off as we have plans for today. 
Our friend from Canada, Mark, had no problems with the pulmonia yesterday morning and was here at the RV park before we got to the front to wait for him. Ended up he was waiting for us. And he enjoyed the pulmonia ride. So we picked him up and headed inland to the little town of El Quelite for breakfast. Thought that would be a nice introduction to the area around Mazatlan. 
By the time we got there the sun was out and it was warming up nicely. We took him on a tour of the restaurant. I know I've taken lots of photos of this but I liked the way the sun and shadows were on it. 
We finally picked a table that was getting some sun shine on it. Ordered breakfast. As usual the chickens and peacocks were wandering around the restaurant. The iguanas weren't out it was too cold for them. 

Up on his favorite perch again. They will take food right out of your hand. I was going to give him a bite of my gordita and he took the whole thing. 
Spent a lot of time in eating and just talking and enjoying the ambiance. Then we walked around the area a little bit. The flowers out in front of the Church. 
Just noticed that the drains off the roof were little children holding a pot [the drain.] All the times we've been here I don't remember seeing them. 
A roof on one of the older homes with all it cacti growing out of it. 
We took him to the cheese factory where they were in full production. Adding the acidic liquid to the vats of milk to turn it into cheese. Mark said he was glad he ate the cheese before he saw how it was made. 
Then we took a tour of the small town of Quemado. We have been there several time. Just an interesting non tourist town. More cactus growing on another old roof. 
An old home. Surprisingly enough with a street address number. 
A typical sight. Older men under a tree int the shade on logs made into benches. A horse waiting patiently. A couple of moms with their children, who just got out of school, walking home. 
We came back to the RV and visited for a while then took Mark back to his hotel so he could do some exploring around it. 
Last nights sunset. Not really pretty but different. 
In this one you can see the spot of lint on the lens. 
After returning home yesterday I went on line and soon discovered I was out of data again. So a quick trip up to the mall - the one near us where you have to pay to park - grrr...into TelCel and bought more data. On the way out we could smell Chinese food cooking so went to the food court and got dinner to go - Orange Chicken and Noodles. US$5 for two big dinners. 
Today we will pick Mark up just before noon and take him to the Centro Historico. I hope we can get some cinnamon rolls from the bakery, they were sure good. [they were sold out when we got there.]Then will go to the Central Market and end up having lunch at Beach Burger in the Plazuela Machado.
There is a boat in today so something should be going on. Don't know what else we'll be doing. 
I'll be doing more walking then I've done for a while. The bruising is almost gone and the swelling way down. It still reminds me it isn't completely healed though. 

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Al Bossence said...

I noticed on Contessa's blog that Mark lives west of Kitchener.
We live west of Kitchener as well. He sure is lucky to have good tour guides....
Kelly & Al