Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A day in our life in Mazatlan

This morning we are waiting for the mechanic to come to change all the hoses for the Jeep's air conditioner as it is not working again.
Yesterday was a productive day. Being here is not really a vacation just an different place to every day things.
First we stopped to pick up our clean, folded laundry 200 Pesos = $10.50US They charge by weight.
Then on down the street to Home Depot. He was selling exotic fruit from this cart in the parking lot.
 Bill wanted to get more Christmas lights but Home Depot had already sold out or pulled all their Christmas merchandise. So off we went towards Centro. This is why the Malecon always is so clean. A group of about five people sweeping.
 I have to retract my statement that The Shrimp Bucket is closed. Guess they were just doing an extensive remodel. New sign and decor. See where it says  "Sorry we are open" Hum...
 Got to the parking lot where we usually park to go to the Plazuela Machado. It was empty so I got a chance to take photos of the new murals.

 This one was there last year but I think it is fantastic, He looks so real. 

 From there we were headed to La Antigua for breakfast [the restaurant I raved about last week] but instead stopped here. Never been here before. It was a good decision. 
 First they brought us a basket of fresh pastries with our coffee. 
 Then we each got a small dish of fresh fruit.  
I had French Toast, two eggs cooked perfectly, bacon and potatoes. 
 Bill  had a Denver omelette, salad and bread. He also ate my potatoes. Delicious  252 Pesos = $13.52US. We will for sure go back here. 
Very pretty inside, nice flooring. 
 View from our table. The purple building is a parking lot. No rooms or roof. 
 Drying the dinner plates before putting them away.?!
 An old photograph. The restaurant is the building on the right. Next time we go there I'm going to try to take the same picture now. 
There was a group of about 25 young women,Zumba instructors, celebrating the season with a Christmas breakfast. Bill took a picture of them. Imagine the chatter and laughing.
We continued on to do some errands. Walked past the Plazuela Machado.
 Santa's chair set up in the gazebo 
 This was restored a couple of years ago. Then put up for sale. I see not there is a for rent sign - next time we go by I'm going to look inside. 
 A different tree - red flowers on it. 
 Almost to the watch maker, his is the one story building behind the power pole. 
 He lives in the orange half and his shop is in the yellow half. The city painted the building last year. 
 He has a new sign 
 Inside the shop, that is the entire shop. 
 Bill had left his favorite watch that he has had for many years. It needed cleaning and a new battery. 50 Pesos = $2.50US Watch repairmen in the states won't touch it to work on it. They just say throw it away.
 Now heading for the optometrist. Going by a candy shop. 
She was making candy coated peanuts. Smelled sooooo good. Didn't buy any this time. 
 The optometrist's office. Right across the street from the Government building. Been going here for years. Bill had dropped off some old frames to have lenses for the computer put in them. 
 Because the frames were curved they they would not work for computer glasses. So he had to buy new frames. Frames and lenses 500Pesos = $26.35US

Making sure they are right. 
 Because the lenses had to be put in the new frame we had some time to waste waiting. But that was okay we had other things to do. Walking past the government building. Workers were setting up for some event. The guy on the ground was eyeballing the platforms to make sure they were level. For a while he actually had his head flat on the pavement. What ever works, I guess.
 First stop was a pharmacy. We needed some Neosporen - forgot to bring any. And a great medicine they have here in case one gets Montezuma's  Revenge. Called Treda - works great. I gave ours away last year and forgot to get more. No we are fine, but a fellow RVer had come by and asked if we had any. So now we do. This was our most expensive stop of the day. Two tubes of Neosporen and two boxes of Treda. 739Pesos = $39US The Farmacia is the turquoise bulding.
 It has been here since 1913. 

Not very big inside but quite busy.
 Then to a bank to get change for larger bills. Had to wait for some one to get to the Teller widows. They are closing this bank soon so are cutting staff or sending them to the new bank. Finally got our change and off again.  
The big wonderful fabric store across from the Central Market. Finally got my material for curtains for my sewing room. Lucked out as they had just opened a new cutting table. We were 2nd in line  
The background is a little greener then it shows here. I really like the design. Got 3 1/3 yards  270Pesos +  $14.20US. About 4.20 US a yard and it is beautiful cotton. AKO Fabrics [sells for about $12 a yard at home.]
And them we walked back to parking lot 50Pesos = $2.60US for parking. Both read, feed birds and visited with neighbors. Had salads for dinner and watched a Hallmark Movie. 
Mechanic has been here and is now gone searching for parts. Going to be almost like new when finished. So today will be a quiet day at home for us. 

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