Monday, December 2, 2019

Mazatlan Centro at night

I posted these pictures yesterday - then went hunting for pictures of the building before it was restored. 

What a difference. So glad it has been restored. A few years ago I did a whole post on some of the older building in Mazatlan and how they look now. Click here to see the pictures and read the information about some of them. 
But back to Saturday night in the plaza. A bride and groom posing for pictures. 
Walking back to the car I was taking some pictures of the buildings, in keeping with my Mazatlan at night theme. Looking up a building to the stripped awnings over the 2nd story windows. 
Walking down the street to the parking lot. The lights make the colors show up.

Looking up at what appears to have been a balcony a long time ago. A tree growing out of it now. 
Same balcony and tree looking back at it. 
These garage doors are on a mechanic shop. A little fuzzy but you get the idea. 
No one pays attention to the red flashing light. It is who ever can stick their nose into the intersection first.
One of our hibiscus flowers getting ready to open. Sure is pretty even before opening. 
When it opened today.
The new one we bought to replace the first one that died. 
YES - we finally got the laptop, the TV here and the TV at home working together. 
Las Vegas weather person . Gotta love the Internet and DishAnywhere. 
Today we went to Centro and spent some time in the Central Market. Took lots of pictures. 


Contessa said...

Thanks so much for the before and after of that building. The remodel was very successful. Great news that you got some sort of TV working for you.

Carol and Bill said...

I love to see the older building being taken care of and restored. Especially one as beautiful as that one.
Yes, it is nice to have the TV up and running. We get everything we'd get at home as we are taping into our receiver at home.

Kathy Tycho said...

Always enjoy your newsy informative all the pictures!

Carol and Bill said...

I really like that building glad I could find my old post about it.