Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Scenes from Mazatlan

Lovely day again today. Perfect weather. The Jeep's AC is fixed and almost like new. In fact it was too cold to leave on today. We've been busy so I'm just posting some scenes from here.
We were eating at Torres and watching this man fishing with a net. Didn't catch any thing while he was in front of the restaurant. 

 There was a detour on the main road to the grocery store we saw this while taking it.  Would have never gone that way on our own. 
 Some of the decorations on the Malecon - at night they are really pretty. There are white lights covering it the whole thing

Right downtown Centro a date palm. Two of the bunches of dates are in sacks. Helps them to ripen? Keeps the birds away? 
 See this all the time crews cleaning center dividers and along the streets. 
 Sleeping Santa in WalMart. He was still sleeping when we left.
 Cupcakes in WalMart's bakery
 That is a lot of frosting. 
 Colorful donuts too. 
 Holidays are here the vendors are setting up along the Malecon. 
 The lighthouse is on top of that hill. It is the second highest -up from the water - lighthouse in the Americas. The light does not revolve so at times it was mistaken for a star. 
 A closer look at the lighthouse and the glass walkway out over the water. 
 Watching the sunset. 

 The sun through the light fixture. 
We are watching the restoration of the Observatory originally built in 1873. Very interesting. Will do a post on it tomorrow. 
There is an on line newspaper here "The Mazatlan Post." Much to my surprise one of their articles was my blog post about the restaurant in El Quelite. Click here to read or see it. 

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