Sunday, December 22, 2019

Tuesday and Wednesday

It is a good thing I write down on my calendar what we do each day. Especially when I get behind in posting. So far this year since we left home I've taken a little over 3000 pictures! No wonder I'm always charging camera batteries.
Yesterday morning we were watching a Barcelona soccer game. Their goalkeeper is Marc Andre Ter Stegen They are number 1 in La Liga. So where am I going with this. Also watching some Las Vegas Golden Knights games. Their goalkeeper is Marc Andre Fieury. They are number 2 in their league.
So on Tuesday Pablo the mechanic came and took the Jeep's air conditioner apart. It needed all new hoses. So he left to get them. Came back about 5:30 installed them and a couple of other things. So now the AC is like brand new. And it puts out VERY COLD air.
The pretty sky on Tuesday morning. The birds sitting in the tree waiting for Bill to feed them.
Doing errands. Reindeer cupcakes
Bakers busy making rolls.
A cute tree decorated with bread. 

After getting groceries we stopped to have a couple of keys made. The key less lock on the RV has stopped working. Glad I remembered where the regular door key was. Now we have a couple of extra -just in case. 

On Wednesday there were three huge cruise ships in town. You can see them towering over the city. 
Another amazing building just crumbling away. 
I wonder if it belongs to the Secretary of the Marina. I wonder if it runs?
This always amazes me. I think it is a bed and breakfast. But not sure The first time we saw it years ago it was decorated for Christmas - wow. 
Heading towards the setting sun. 
She was posing for a picture. 
How would you like this job. At least he has a seat. Most are usually standing up. 
We stopped at the Villa Italia for dinner. Always a very good meal. And a quiet restaurant. 
We were early so we were the only customers in there for a while. 
On Thursday we went to the Golden Zone Art Walk. Next blog. 
Been a lot on the news lately about the minimum wage here. I am not making a political statement here just stating the facts. On the first of the year the minimum wage in Mexico will go up 20%. The new minimum wage will be 123 pesos a day. That is about $6.50 US a day. Makes you stop and think when we are paying $16.50 US a day for our RV spot. 

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