Sunday, December 15, 2019

Virgin of Guadalupe Day in Mazatlan

For many years we have gone to Centro to the Cathedral to enjoy the sight of the many children dressed in traditional clothing having their pictures taken. Many pictures and very little commentary. 
A little background. In 1531 the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego, a young indigenous Indian. She ordered Juan Diego to go to the Bishop and ask him to build a church at the Hill of Tepeyac. The Bishop didn't believe Juan Diego. So the Virgin Mary appeared again to Juan and had him collect flowers from the top of the hill. It was December and no flowers should have been blooming on the hill. Juan Diego picked them and wrapped them in his coat to take to the Bishop. Mary's picture was miraculously traced on the coat. The Bishop then realized Juan Diego had told him the truth. 
Mary became the patron saint of Mexico in 1746 and the Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe became an national holiday in 1859. 
We were talking to a friend about this and he told us when the family finds out they are extincting they pray to the Virgin to protect the pregnancy and that the baby is healthy. After the baby is born they pray to the Virgin to keep the child healthy.
Just getting to the Cathedral. 
He is carrying a prop burro for photos. 
 This little girl is dressed in the traditional clothing of an Indian women in 1531. She has a little backpack on. Yes, I asked for permission to take these photos. 
 Same little girl. 
One of the photo booths. After the photo is taken, it is downloaded into a laptop and the photos are available right away. The parents can also order cups, calendars  and many other things with the pictures on them. 
 Little boy dressed like Juan Diego.
 Many of the little girls wore these kerchiefs. 
 Some had flowers in their hair. She looks a little apprehensive. 
 The ages ranged from a few weeks old to about 11/12 years old. 
These vendors are so colorful. The balloons and the little plastic pull toys. 
 Brother and sister.
Same children, different view. 
 Another one of the many photo ops The man running it kept telling me to take more pictures and pointing out the many props. Setup like a little kitchen.  
 This will be a pretty picture. Her shoes match her head band and bow.

 Brothers. All the older siblings take good care of their younger ones.
 Hard to get the real little ones to look at the camera. Trying to keep his hat from covering his face. 

 Lots of traditional food available. Saw a lot of women bring food to serve. ToniCal is a soft drink. 
 She was more interested in the stuff around her then having her picture taken. 
 He had those reins in his hands and did not move a muscle. 
 Wonder what the difference is in the white robe and the black one. 
 A small procession had come down the street and was now in the church. They carried this. 
 He is really enjoying this. Notice the mustache..  
Couldn't decide which picture I like the best.  
 Had to be only weeks old.  
 Another really little one. 
 Flowers for sale.
 Lots and lots of vendors on the surrounding streets. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. This is one of highlights of the winter for me. 


SandyM said...

Thank you for sharing these photos - what beautiful little children.

Kathy Tycho said...

Sweet little ones...thanks!