Saturday, December 28, 2019

Continuing our search for Tico the potter

We got a surprise last night - RAIN - heavy for a while. And the window DIDN'T leak. Thank goodness because we are expecting a lot of rain in the next week. Not going to be a nice New Years Eve or day here. Today is going to be overcast and quite cool all day.
But back to our search for Tico. We finally found him. This is his house. Bill following him inside. See the unfired bowls on the porch.
A closer look at the bowls and the laundry drying on the fence.

Inside the house a lot of little stacking bowls and pestles on the floor waiting to be fired.
A closer look at the bows and pestles. Notice the cross hatching on the bottom to help with smooshing - technical term there. 
One of the bowls with a pestle in it. 
Another group that has been fired and some waiting to be put in the kiln. Tiny bowls and coffee cups. 
Showing us some of the new things he is working on that are drying in the back yard. 
I love them. Little piggies - but they still have to go in the kiln. For sure will get one next time we go there. 
Love the curly tail!
I asked about the kiln and told us it was "over there" and he was pointing at the mound on the left side of this picture - the one with the bowls surrounding it. So I'm not sure if I missed something, or the translation was wrong or if that is really his kiln. Again something to check out next time we are there. 
The only decent shot I got of Tico - he is explaining something to Bill. 
More of the small bowls. 

Bill going back to ask Tico if he worked for Johnny demonstrating bowl making. He doesn't. 
Showing Bill a huge gourd - no idea what that was about. 
Back inside to check out something else. 
The house he lives in is a couple of hundred years old. They built them to last then. Notice the beam and the ceiling. 
No idea again of what they were talking about, but it took two or three times of Bill turning around and going back to talk to Tico before he made it to the car. 

This is some type of bougainvillea plant. Never saw one with such a big cluster of color. 
Another tree in bloom, this with yellow flowers. 
Heading back down the hill into the town. 
The plaza was all decorated for Christmas. Lots of colorful decorations.

I remembered the leather signs that were posted on some of the buildings so took pictures of the building and then the sign. 
This sign says, "Colonial House Osuna     Home of Don Daniel Osuna, Founder and owner of the tequila distillery Santa Clara."
Another house with a sign. There was an older women on the porch rocking. Checking me out as I took the picture of the sign. 
House of Mina   Hostel and museum with antiques from the 1800's
As we were leaving I saw another couple of signs. Next time will get them. Especially now that I know more about the origins of the town. 
I am kind of behind in writing - we met Tico on the 20th. 

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