Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Colors of Mazatlan

As we were driving and walking around Mazatlan the other day I was delighted by all the colors. Everywhere you look - colors. So decided I'd do a blog on the eye candy colors. So not much dialogue but lots of pictures. Of course all the souvenir stalls have to be included.
And some of the monuments. This is all mosaic - wish the colors showed up better.l 
Lots of murals around, this one is hard to photograph - on an angle and driving by. 
But it is mostly the lovely restored buildings. This street is amazing for color. The kind of rust colored building on the end has the garage doors I took a picture of the other day Don Quixote and his sidekick.
Needs work but colorful just the same. Notice tree growing right above window. 
The picture doesn't do the YELLOW justice. The building on the right used to be a hotel. Hermon Melville stayed there at one time. Now it is a very nice facility for the elderly. 

Mainly took this to show the narrow streets when cars can park on both sides. Makes you want to pull iny our mirrors.
Not really colorful but pretty interesting - Art Deco - maybe. Too bad about the all wires.
A home upstairs a business downstairs.
The side walk in the back of the Cathedral. There are several section of tile sidewalks around town. 
Into the fabric shop. There was some fabric wanted. This is beautiful cotton. US$ 4.50 a meter. But the lines to get the fabric cut were soooo long. Hope next time we go there they still have the one I want. 
Lots and lots of Christmas material. 
And lace material. a little over US$ 2.00 a meter. 
One of these days I'm going to get one of these little dolls. So colorful and cute. For sale on the sidewalk. 
The vendor.
This building was repainted over the summer. A nice aqua and white. 
Our colorful car, green awning, pink wall and yellow church steeple. 
One on the older buildings. Kept up well. 
If you like lavender you have to love this building. It is just a shell of a building, nothing inside. 
The plant is magnificent and the pink building is pretty nice tool. 
This used to be a nice color combination - I think it was white with a soothing green trim. Then it got repainted.
One of the very old building. When we first started coming her it was painted purple with green trim. Looks much better now. It was originally an German General store
Oh,I found these in an older blog. 

A dusky gray palm tree. So pretty.l 
The old Shrimp Bucket I guess is no more. There are carousal horses as part of the decorations.
They must not have gotten the "colorful meno" - it is for sale so maybe new owner will doll it up a bit. 
Lots of different color combinations here. Especially the stairs. And the tiled dome.
So that is enough to take in for one day. It is a joy to ride around the different areas to see the colors. 


Mark said...

Have they finished that building in Centro that they tore down because it was just too square and ugly.

Carol and Bill said...

nope - the ugly bank building

SandyM said...

Thank you - so enjoyed this post.

Contessa said...

Love all the colors. You have a way of making it all so very special .

Kathy Tycho said...

Love the colors, sometimes I take pictures of laundry!

Dirk said...

I enjoy all your posts. I loved this one with all the buildings and color. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Read you every day and never I have to.
Just beautiful photos and thank you.
Phyllis from Oregon

Carol and Bill said...

the colors are one of my favorite things here.

Carol and Bill said...

The buildings just seem to call out take my photo.

Carol and Bill said...

Me too - I really like the stacks of blankets and tableclothes

Carol and Bill said...

Had fun taking the pictures.

Carol and Bill said...

The town lends its self to photography. So many photos I take but cant post them all.
Thank you for commenting.