Saturday, December 21, 2019

Plazuela Machado Saturday Night Part 2

Well lets see - we have been too busy to keep up with what we are doing. But am going to finish this post before I start any thing else. 
But have to add this picture of sunset last night. 
So back to Saturday night. - just realized it is Saturday already again. During the week we went to an Art Walk, to Centro a couple of times and to La Martina, the distillery and visited a potter in La Noria just to mention a few things. 
Saturday nights there are lots an lots of vendors. So many neat things to look at. 
Love this hat. So colorful. Wish I could wear hats, but they give me headaches and drive me nuts. Well nuttier then I already am - says Bill. 
The view from our table while we were eating. Meal was okay. When in doubt Bill has Caesar Salad with chicken, I had Lasagna. I know - in Mexico? Looking west. 
Looking east.
A surprise - Santa and Ms Clause showed up in the Gazebo. But they wouldn't stand still for a good photo - in the dark from a distance. 
Didn't realize it before but there was a Santa Chair there for him. Didn't take long for the children to line up to talk to him. 
About the best picture I could get of the twinkling tree. We walked around again after eating. 
The older man who does the spray painting is there on Saturday nights. Love to watch him. Years ago, when we still lived in Indiana we bought a couple of pictures from him. I can't imagine kneeling like that the whole evening. 
All dressed up waiting to see Santa. 
Took several shots as he painted this picture. 
That is a coin on the yellow part and another smaller one in opposite corner. 
The little coin has been removed - a moon?
Lower coin was the setting sun. Picture beginning to come alive. 
Almost finished finished.
Some hand touches left. 

Drying the paint. He used to use a blow torch to do this. This size sells for 50 pesos. 
The bigger ones sell for 100. I'm sure we will end up with one before we go home. 
Santa and Ms Clause again. Love her stockings. 
This older woman sold toys that light up and move - she had so much fun showing them to the children. 
I want one of these. The balloons are clear plastic so all you see are the lights. Great in the dark. 
So much stuff for sale here you could spend an hour looking for something here. 
This is for you Jackie. Lots of earrings. 
Another wonderful evening spent in the Plazuela. We are old folks so we go there early and leave just about when all the different music groups start playing. This street is where we park. 
A couple of the ornament decorations lit up on the Malecon. 

NUTS - I didn't see this in time to focus the camera. Santa in a decorated pulmonia. 
It is amazing the difference in temperature between Centro and the campground. Anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees colder in the northern part of town. And then we were home.


Mark said...

Oh I so want too buy a few of those paintings.

Carl said...

Great stuff Carol. Thanks for taking the time to post. Merry Christmas .

Carol and Bill said...

Always fun to visit and post about the plaza

Carol and Bill said...

He is really good.

Dirk said...

Thank you for a great year of sharing your adventures. Thank you... thank you! I appreciate the time and effort you take to share with us. Merry Christmas to you both!

SandyM said...

The last two post about Plaza Machado and the Christmas lights have been great reads. Thank you so much for sharing all your photos - you must devote many hours to your blog. Love reading about Mazatlan.