Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Fog, tire and flowers

Just a quick post. I forgot to work on it earlier and now am trying to finish it before bedtime. 
Our hibiscus are beautiful. Both of them are blooming.

Strange how this one is in two parts. The main flower is as big as a dinner plate. 
The mobile tire repair man. He was here about 10 minutes after he was called. And had tire fixed in less than 15 minutes. 
No machines, just hand tools and muscle power. 

Putting it back on the wheel. 

The fog was really bad in the morning. Can barely see these buildings across the street. 
The tall condos across the street and the cell tower at the front of the park. Fog finally left but left behind a lot of humidity Ick.
An interest concept for the ad on a cross country bus. Like a big jigsaw puzzle. 
 One of the ornaments on the Malecon, didn't get pictures of the other ones. They look really pretty at night. 
 One of the intersections in the Centro Historico. Driver beware you are being watched. Coming into the new century. 
 This is the other corner. Lots of spaghetti on that pole. 
 Walked through the main plaza - Christmas decorations going up. Guess this is Santa's house. 
 One of the beautiful trees blooming by the Plazuela Machado.
We were walking a ways to find a restaurant I'd read about on line. Will write about it tomorrow. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

All I could think was plumber's butt!

SandyM said...
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SandyM said...

The Hibiscus blooms are beautiful as are the other photos......except the one of the repair guy in the too short t-shirt - Hee Hee

Carol and Bill said...

or the Duluth Trader ads at least you couldn't see "the crack"

Carol and Bill said...

See reply above.

Mark said...

How did he balance the tire after he fixed the flat ??? He must have marked the tire and installed it exactly in the same position.

Carol and Bill said...

No idea. Bill says "He didn't have to because he didn;t take the balancing things off. Put it exactly the same way it used to be. "