Friday, December 13, 2019

El Meson de Los Laureanos

After walking around town a little bit we went into the restaurant. I guess they were saving this seat for someone. And he was standing guard at this chair.New paint and decoration along this back outside wall. Bill talking with one of the workers. Even colorful back here.A new oven replica and a painted parrot in the back dining room In the middle dining room. Some beautiful tile work and interesting  pictures and pieces of pottery.Out near the front another mural. Bill talking to Dr Osuna. 
"The driving force behind the town’s rural tourism initiative is El Quelite’s medical doctor, Marcos Osuna Tirado, whose ties to the area have been lifelong. He is a man of energy and innovative ideas who believes it is important to diversify the local economy away from relying solely on agricultural income. At this time, few people in El Quelite speak good English, but Dr. Osuna is encouraging the young people to become motivated to train as qualified guides, earn a little income, and practice the English that some are learning in the local school of 250 children. Dr. Osuna also manages to find time to practice what he preaches. He has renovated his own family’s historic Mesón de los Laureanos to include bed and breakfast accommodation and a cantina-style restaurant which serves meals, snacks and the always-welcome cool cerveza (Mexican beer) amidst the flowering shrubs of his walled-in courtyard. Each room and bathroom has been distinctively designed and colorfully furnished.This is truly a man on a mission. To symbolize his passion for the community and his connection through several generations, Dr. Osuna proudly declares, “My umbilical cord is buried here!” The good doctor is not kidding. It doesn’t get more connected than that!" Thought this was interesting,The front open air part of the restaurant. No that is not a real horse. Every where you look there is something interesting and colorful to see. The trees and plants are real. 
Our table. Before you get your breakfast you get all of this. Fresh squeezed orange juice, Chips, two different salsas, fruit bowls, cheese made in town and three different types of creamed cheese.
And gorditas, kind of a sweet corn patty. I had scrambled eggs and ham and Bill had chicken quesadillas. 
They kept us company for part of our meal. 
The wall next to our table. The plant is real. The birds are painted.
Looking up into a very tall tree.
The decoration - photo ops - next to our table. The roosters are not real in this picture
Now he is different. Saw him out back. 
A few of the tables in the very back room. 
The front open air room again. 
The arch leading to the street.  Want to ride a horse? 
On the arch. 

The side wall next to the arch. 
And back outside again. Ready to walk around another part of town. 
And so tomorrow will finish our day in El Quelite. So nice to be there when it isn't so crowded.


Grandma on the Road said...

In 1997, I went with a large group to an association meeting in Guadalajara. While there, several of us went shopping to nearby Tlaquapaque and had lunch at the famous Restaurante Sin Nombre (Restaurant with no Name). We ate in the open-air courtyard. While the food was good, the entertainment was provided by a peahen who was taking food from tables to feed her chick who was not tall enough to steal food him/herself. Plus, there was a bantam hen with a flock of the tiniest chicks you can imagine wandering around under tables looking for crumbs. Love the animals that roam free in Mexico.

Grandma on the Road said...

Oh, and the restaurant had no menu, either. The waiter recited what they had and took your order. Lovely place.

Carol and Bill said...

One of the many things I like about Mexico.

Dirk said...

Real nice variety of pictures. I so enjoy my “ Mexico “ treat each time I see you post! Thank you

Jackie McGuinness said...

That trunk on the wall is new!