Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Walking to new - for us - restaurant

Boy, it was cold enough this morning to turn the furnace on to take the nip off. No fog today. The last couple of days we've been wandering around the Historic area. Actually doing nothing note worthy but took some pretty pictures. 
I usually mention the price of things we buy - the sticker shock until I get used to Pesos. Check out this grocery receipt. In US$ 74.71. We usually don't spend that much, but stocked up on a few expensive things. And splurged on a few more. 
We have dropped off another of Bill's watches. We already got three back - they were cleaned and got new batteries. Quick service - door to car this year. Also have dropped off a pair of Bills sunglasses that need some repair and a pair of frames he wants new computer glasses lenses in. To continue on...
On our walk we passed through the Plazuela Machado and again I didn't get real good pictures. The sun was not in a good place. But here they are anyway. Mary with baby, Joseph and a Wise Man Need to get a good picture of these, they are woven of some natural material. 
 The big white tree is very pretty lit up - it twinkles. Also a lot of poinsettias around the plaza. 
 Another group of figures - the Hotel Machado in the background. Mary and Joseph and an angel. Ah, just noticed the crib. 
 Same figures from the back. 
Continuing our walk. We usually don't come in this direction so most of it was new to me. How do you tell your house from your neighbors when no space between them. Paint it a different color.  I wonder if they have courtyards? 
 Just another look at the same houses. I like the roof line.
 Looking back u the street. Notice how high off the road the front door is. 
 Look at the size of that bougainvillea! One plant with two different colors.  I wonder how ours at home are doing. Been really cold in Vegas at night and lots of rain and wind. 
 A pale pink with Mexican Pink trim. And some blue for good measure. 
 Beautiful stately looking homes 
 Ah - the restaurant we have been looking for for a couple of years. La Antigua. Not sure what to expect but have read and heard good things about it. They have valet parking. Only open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sure glad we finally found it. Impressive menu - especially if you like waffles or crepes. Just a couple of their pages in the menu. Prices in pesos - about 19.30 pesos to 1 US dollar. 
 Oops, missed the prices, but about the same as the waffles. Very inexpensive for good and lots of food. 
I had scrambled eggs with ham. Enough to feed me for a couple of days. 
Bill had a crepe with ham and cheese and onion. And hash browns. That is a big crepe folded in quarters. Forgot to take a picture of the hash browns on second plate. 
And the restaurant itself was beautiful. An old home repurposed. 
Just a few of the pictures I took. One of the smaller dining rooms. Beautiful flooring. 
Fountain in the patio 
 Beautiful tile fireplace. 
 The ceiling in main dining area. 
 Lots of arches and old style furniture and other items.
 Stained glass window in main dining area. 
 Love the tile around the windows and arches and the fountain in the patio.
We for sure will go back there again. 


SandyM said...

Oh my, what a treat to see that lovely place. The photos of all the houses so colorful and just so pretty to see. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Glad you went there, we were that in the spring and really enjoyed it.
Don't forget to also try El Portal San Juan.
Calle Libertad Pte. 312

Carol and Bill said...

I kind of thought that was the one you told us about but at the time we couldn't find it.