Monday, December 23, 2019

Golden Zone Art Walk

The third Thursday of each month there is an Art Walk in the Golden Zone from 12 to 4:00. We decided we'd go. One problem with the area is the lack of parking. I was afraid we wouldn't be able to park as we would be arriving there about 10:30. Usually street parking is non existent by then. Bill said, "Don't worry I'll find parking." And of course he did. 
We walked around a little bit because it was still too early to order lunch at Lucky B's There is so much new construction going on around town. Where are the people going to come from to occupy everything. 
 Walked through Pancho's arcade. Just some of the things for sale at the different shops. 
 Love the colors in these tablecloths. 
 Walked out to the beach - to - not on - looking north. Not many people out yet. 
 Looking south. Lots of toys for rent. 
 Heading back to the street
After asking one of Lucky B's waiters to save us a table we walked up to Michael's to look around and visit with Teresa. She works there.  Not sure where one would put one of these. 
 Cute ornaments made from corn husks. 
Paper decorations hanging over the passage to a restaurant and the beach. 
Sitting in Lucky B's  having lunch this jewelry store is right across the street. Bill had a Caesar Salad and I had the Paradise Salad - both were delicious. But anyway, I was looking at this big Santa and thinking it was kind of icky and or creepy to walk between his legs to get into the store!
One tequila, two tequila.
Three tequila - floor. 
The are walk didn't begin until 12 o'clock. Just putting up the sign and a table to display their wares. 
Finally finished lunch and began walking - still before 12:00. This is at the restaurant PinUps. The young man who painted the hoods of the Jeep and the RV also did all the art work in this restaurant. [see picture of Jeep's hood above.]
The sidewalk in front of Pancho's arcade - tho it has another name now. 
Some colorful belts and collars for sale at one of the shops. 
This business has repainted their sidewalk since we walked here last. 
Stopped in one of the souvenir arcades to visit with the jewelers we know who have their shop in there. Always a it if catching up to do. 
Bill talks I look around. 
Discussing something. One of the other jewelers is at the polishing machine  The shop is small so the machine is outside. 
Looking towards the front of the arcade. All the usual things for sale. 
These sidewalks were painted about a year and a half ago, or maybe two years ago. Starting to show wear. 
Stopped to admire this Huichol woman at work. She is pressing a thin yarn into a bee's wax base to make these beautiful pictures.

Her husband is showing Bill one of the base pieces. The orange is a very thin layer of bee's wax. The design is sketched into the wax. But no matter how many pictures I took the sketch would not show up. All of these pieces are amazingly intricate. See the one on the display form. It took about a week to do it. 
Her balls of yarn are on the table
Looking at the base again. Bill, as always, asking questions. 

She continues to work. She is working on the small purple scallops along the outer edge. You can see the ones she has not done - they are the light tan areas - just bee's wax there. 
You can see the wax better in this picture. She still has a lot to finish. 
Thread by thread she presses it into the wax. 
A short video of one scallop being done. 
A few feet away was this fantastic artist. Jane Saborio. Absolutely love her work. And she is an amazing person to talk to. She was born in Columbia, now lives in Canada, but soon to move to Mazatlan full time. 
It was funny listening to her and Bill talk. They switched between Spanish and English every other sentence. 
I love this particular sketch/painting. Perfect picture of Mazatlan. 
Recycling bin for plastic bottles in front of the Sea Shell Museum.
A couple of different artists set up in front of the Sea Shell Museum. 

  Bill really like the painting of the shell. Very well done. 
Nothing to do with the Art Walk, I just thought it was cute. 
We went too early. The show runs on Mazatlan. When we were ready to leave several people were just getting ready to set up. Next month we will go later and walk further. An enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Lunch, walking, art and meeting new people.


Kathy Tycho said...

Love the bees wax art! I'll have to go next month.

Kathy Tycho said...

Any idea if her work would be available in the Golden Zone somewhere?