Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Friday and Saturday the 20th and 21st

Merry Christmas Eve to every one.  
Friday morning bright and early a chakalaka was sitting on the Jeep - thank goodness it was covered - waiting for Bill to come out and feed him. 
We were getting more bananas on our plant. However much to our surprise by the next day all of these were on the ground. Birds picking at them? or they just fall off. Don't know.
The original ones are getting bigger every day. And now another red leaf has curled up and there are more tiny bananas under it. Will they last or leave?
Friday was a super busy day. We decided to go to La Martina for breakfast. 
Then we went to the distillery to visit Jessie 
And then on to La Noria where we found some beautiful wood and a potter. 
But that will be a post in itself. 
In the evening it looked like there might be a nice sunset so off we went to the lagoon near the Rui hotel. Last time we were here the water was way down. Up to about normal now. There are signs across by the hotel warning of crocodiles in the water. I've heard that before but haven't seen any. myself. There is a sandbar between the water and the ocean. 
Still a while before the sun sets. But the sky is beginning to pick up colors. 
Looking towards the hotel's beach I saw a white tent and a flash of blue. Looking closer it is a pretty girl in a beautiful dress. Birthday celebration. There are a lot of vendors on the beach there. 
Going down.
Gone. The vendors use the sandbar to get back and forth from their parking to the hotel. 
He came by selling warm fresh rolls. 
We were about to leave when I noticed the clouds to the south of us were starting to pick up a lot of color. 
The vendors are coming this way but the bread man is heading towards the hotel's beach and customers. 
getting prettier. Can you see the strings of lights in the middle of the photo. There was going to be a big party by them. Lots of musicians and a truck full of fireworks were heading there. There is an RV park right behind it. They are in for a fun evening. 

Just liked the formation out over the island. 
Pretty much the peak of color. This is looking south towards the city. 
This is looking west out over the ocean. Not as much color. 
We heard, "Guillermo, Guillermo" [Bill's real name - William in English, thus Bill.] It was one of the vendors we met many years ago when he was standing in the lagoon catching little fish. We have seen and visited with him off and on every years since - except last year. What with everything going on last year we didn't make it to this area much, and when we did make it here we either got here before or after he was here. 
He said he walked past us but then recognized the Jeep and looked for Bill's sombrero. Lots of catching up to do. 
She is going to have an amazing photo with the gorgeous sunset behind her. 
Again looking west. Almost the last of the color. 
Saturday morning we made a quick trip to WalMart for a few things. And before coming home we went to the Bazaar Market Mazatlan   It is located at the former Road House Restaurant. which is on  Avenue Cerritos Sabalo, next to Henry's Taco's and across from Villas del Mar. They are open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. until March 31st. 
There is a whole lot of home made food for sale - from dill pickles to all kinds of sweets. And sample tastes of almost everything. Could get full just grazing through.  

 Bill taste testing some flan. Must be good be bought a couple. I got some wonderful carrot cake from the lady next to him. 

 Want a pie for the holidays. Order here. 
 There were also many different crafts and art for sale. 
 More painted hats.
 The lady that paints them. I like the sunflower one, but cannot stand to wear a hat. But might get one for decoration at home.
We will for sure go back next Saturday to get some yummies.
And that wasn't all we did Saturday. Went to Plazuela Machado for dinner later that night. Sunday we stayed home and watched TV


Doug and Nancy said...

Thanks Carol - enjoyed the post and the pictures!! Merry Christmas to you and Bill!! Lots of love and hugs - Nancy & Doug.

Carol and Bill said...

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you too. Maybe you'll be here next year.

Doug and Nancy said...

Oh, you can count on it!!!!!!!