Thursday, December 19, 2019

The oldest Astronomical Center in the area
After much searching on line I finally found a website with information about the Observatorio. This is a quote from their web page to visit their page click on the link. Look at the Galley page amazing pictures on it. 

"Sitting on the top of Cerro del Vigía and 88 meters above sea level, this building known as the Observatory was initially built by the people of Mazatlan, as a military observation post, hence the name of Cerro del Vigía. Because of its strategic location and complete dominance of the landscape, it served the city to protect it from the constant incursions of enemy ships, as well as ships engaged in piracy. In 1873 he joined meteorology and seismology, being one of only two in the entire country. It was restored at the time of President Porfirio Díaz."

We discovered it by accident. We were going to the lookout point Mirador Paseo Centenario to watch the sunset. We've always wondered about the buildings on the top of the hill. And hoped someday they would be restored. Also the eyesore right across the street from the lookout point. There were squatters living in it. When we left in the spring someone was working on cleaning up the lower building. 
The arrow is the Observatory, the X where we were standing and the circle the eyesore that is now completely rebuilt and amazing.
A picture I took a year or so ago.
The lower building is now beautiful. Work continues on it.  It will be part of the museum. You can see the observatory in the upper right. 
 A plaque on the museum. 
 In this photo you can see the museum, the observatory and a tram track between the two. That was a real surprise. 
 A closer look at the tramway - the car is at the very top.
 On the lower building. Our first clue about what was going on. Notice the image of the building, 
 That is it!

Bill getting a little information. The worker said it was supposed to open in January sometime. In the mean time - tonight 12/19/20 there is a musical concert taking place up there. 
 Here is the tram car it was at the top of the tracks.  
Still trying to get information about it. The arch insert on the left is almost finished being tiled.
This is a place to know the past and enjoy the present. That is what it says on the building
We returned a couple of days later. Coming up on the building.
The tram car is now near the bottom and the front plate has been removed. A lot of landscaping work has also been done. 
The tile work is almost finished. 
The tracks and the car. Two or three men are working on it. Putting side plates on it.
Just another angle. Lots of men working on moving plants around.
According to the web site the area on the far right is an outside bar. 
The four men in this picture are landscapers.
All of the plants to the left of the woman in the white shirt are in pots waiting to be placed where they go. 

Still working on and under the tram car. 
 Just before they quit for the day they moved the tram car down behind the building. But you have to look quick.
Looks like some kind of material to help hold the plants in place.

We will continue to monitor this work. Can't wait until it is open to the public. Wish we were going to the concert tonight. All though it is pretty cool and a heavy cloud cover. Hope they get a nice sunset.


Grandma on the Road said...

Very interesting. The side of the hill looks like it has had a lot of erosion, so plants and material to hold them in place will help. Also, it looks very dangerous to be working on that tram!

Carol and Bill said...

OSHA would go nuts here.