Friday, December 27, 2019

La Noria with Miguel and Tico

Wow! just watching the news from Las Vegas - headline "California is closed." Sure is. I-15 is closed from Nevada state line to Baker California due to SNOW. What a mess - everyone is trying to get home from Christmas in Vegas. No one is going no where. 

Continuing on up the road to La Noria. Click here for a very interesting article about La Noria and the Osuna last name. According to the article all Osunas came from one family that settled in La Noria. 
A Mimosa tree in bloom. They are such pretty flowers.
I can never catch the baby burro next to his mom. 
The new hotel/restaurant is really starting to look finished. 
 Painting the name of the restaurante and hotel   El Aureliano De La Noria. Getting closer to being ready to open.
 Another view of it. 
 Sign over one of the leather shops. 

Inside the shop Johnny is talking to Bill. His father is listening. Discussing making handmade custom leather sandals. Price about 800 Pesos or about $40.00US. Sorry it is fuzzy guess I didn't let the camera focus.
Bill went to talk to Roberto at the other leather shop and I walked around the block. The blue house is called The house of the American because many years ago an American lived there.

Back in the car we went looking for Tico the potter. Up a side road we've never been on before. 

A really big and nice house up at the top of it. 
OMG Look at that beautiful wood. Large table top size pieces of wood.
And then we met Miguel who was working on a magnificent piece of wood for a large table top. Bill is drooling over it. 
Talking about the wood. Isn't it beautiful. 
Another piece. That was some big tree. 
The bottoms for the tables up on a shelf. Another top finished - reflection makes it look bad, but it too was beautiful. 
That is a stack of table tops in the middle of the picture. 
Admiring a raw piece of plank.
Bringing out the grain with mineral oil. Had to pry it from Bill's fingers. Just kidding. 

Letting Miguel know we would return. Very gracious man.
Some more wood in a shop across the street. 
The boys working there didn't know what to think of Bill. They told him he would have to talk to the owner another day. 
A house we passed while looking for Tico. 
Oh, Oh spotted more wood up against that building. Up the hill through the trees he went. 
The owner of the building in the white hat and shirt. We will return another day, closer to when we are going home. 
A couple of little boys who've been to the grocery store. 
And I lied - You won't meet Tico until tomorrow. This post is just getting too long. 
Oh, BTW the I-15 finally opened around noon Vegas time. Lots of snow in the mountains around Vegas valley. 

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Mark said...

Oh no what is Bill up too with that wood. That wood is very beautiful.