Monday, December 16, 2019

Just some random pictures and some drone footage.

We have been so busy I'm not keeping up with my pictures. So it was good that one day we stayed home and I DID NOT TAKE A SINGLE PICTURE. Bill wanted to take me to the doctor to make sure I was okay. We again have an appointment with the auto mechanic. The air conditioner is not working again. Today he will be replacing all the old rotting hoses and hopefully that will take care of the problem once and for all. 
The day we stayed home Bill took the drone up and took some neat pictures of the homes next door. Got closer to them this time. Pay attention to the back yards. Lots of block walls over there. Also flew over the RV park - about 25 of us here so far for the winter.
The first houses are the ones directly behind us. The workers can walk from roof to roof. As it pans left you can see the block walls. Then past the swimming pool area and a look at the ocean.  Over the RV park and looking at the empty area with roads - those are selling empty lots and the owners will build their own homes. Back to next door. The dirt behind the houses will become more of the same houses. There are four different models, but all look the same to me. 

To watch this full screen click here - it is worth the click.

Here is a bit of info on the largest house. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths. about 1600 sq feet and about $172,000 US

I left off the restaurant blog as we started back through Centro to the car. The outside of the restaurant. They have valet parking.
A beautifully restored building across the street. Notice the wire going up the right side of the building. 
It is coming from here. It is a Megacable - TV/Internet service. Careful don't trip. 
Love these awnings. They look like they might be made of copper. 
Just another street of homes. 
Another small restaurant, haven't been there. Looks like there is a garden on the roof. MOdern cell tower in background. 
Near the Plazuela Machado. There is an Italian pizza restaurant here. Going to try it one of these days. See the map of Italy on the side of it. 
The ugly old bank building is still being remodeled but it doesn't look any better to me. They are supposed to make it blend into the area with a 1890's look. So far not succeeding. 
The building right next door to it. 
The Casa Haas - it was restored several years ago. We were told it would be a museum about Carnaval. That never happened. Usually empty. But it is used for concerts, art displays and conferences. It has a real interesting history. Click here to read my blog about the restoration work and its history. 
Like to see the older buildings in Centro being take care of. Will continue to monitor the progress. 
They have a lot of work to do. 
Like the shadow, didn't notice it when I took it. 
Kind of interesting decor. 
Well looked here!  Bare chested male dancers. More and more clubs catering to younger partying crowd. 
Again out for breakfast at Via Condotti. Reflections in the window. Always nice to sit outside and eat and enjoy people watching. 

Oh NO! Just as we finished eating they started jack hammering up the cross street. Paid out bill and got out of there quick. 

A building on the corner that has been restored outside - for a couple of years. But nothing is inside. What a shame.This is so pretty. Looking in through the doors, the walls were finished and there were a few live plants inside, maybe used for events.
The arcade in the front side of the building. 
If you have some space, set up a shop of some kind. Selling plants 
This house was BRIGHT YELLOW and used it as a landmark. Now it is getting painted Mexico Pink. 
Heading back up the Malecon towards home. Lots of pots of poinsettias in the center divider. When we went by them a couple of days ago most were in bad shape with drooping petals. Hope someone takes care of them soon. 
Well mechanic just called - he won't be here until tomorrow. So guess we'll go pick up our laundry. 


Mark said...

Nice drone video, he got a nice view of where I will be in 19 day's. Every time when you post more pics it gets me more and more exited about my trip there soon. How many drones did Bill bring this time????

Carol and Bill said...

6, 7, 8 I'm not sure.