Saturday, December 7, 2019

More from La Noria

Was to lazy to post yesterday  - sorry.
A little information about La Noria. There are about 1271 inhabitants. I'm not sure when these statistics are from but they are interesting. There are 380 dwellings. 97.71% of the dwellings have electricity, 96.41% have piped water, 90.52% have toilet or restroom, 63.40% have a radio receiver, 92.81% a television, 89.54% a fridge, 75.82% a washing-machine, 29.08% a car or a van, 10.13% a personal computer, 7.19% a landline telephone, 64.38% mobile phone, and 3.92% Internet access.
The route from the RV park to to the town. With stop off at La Martina.
I left off where we were about to enter Roberto's leather shop.
A saddle he made for someone. Looks like maybe a child size. 
H'd just got a delivery of whole cow hides and had picked out the ones he wanted. 
Some of the items he makes here. 
His work bench where he does the designs on the leather. 
Another work bench. 
Just a building I like. The outside walls are kept painted and semi repaired. There is nothing inside, not even a roof. Just trees and bushes.
Another look at the construction on the hotel. The lower house has always been there.
The front corner of the new construction. Can't wait for it to be finished and open.
Then we crossed the street to go into another leather shop. The men working on some items. The man in the striped shirt is grinding the edges of a sole for a shoe. 
He is stitching a belt - notice the machine is operated by his feet. 
The area behind the leather shop. A very old building. At one time used to house solders during one of the wars.
The rooms are to the left. Another very old roof. 

Inside one of the rooms. 

He is making a sandal, the final step rubbing the leather with lime juice to condition the leather. 
This old machine still in use cuts the strips of leather to the width needed.
These are used to cut the material used to make the soles of the shoes.
Outside on one of the buildings. These are new since we were here in March. It gives the name of the building. Translates to - "
A common sight in the small towns. Going shopping by horse or burro. 
Inside of one of the front room little stores. Just over the shoulder of the man in the blue shirt is the doorway into the home. The stores sells everything from canned fruits, shampoo, spices, bread, eggs, beans, some basic produce. 
Making tortillas and packaging them. 
And leaving the lovely little town. Hope you enjoyed. We will soon be going back there for the street fair and Christmas procession.Stay tuned. 
Last night we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and for the lighting of the Christmas decorations. Fun evening. 


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