Thursday, December 12, 2019

Lovely day in El Quelite

Yesterday was a beautiful day here so we decided to take a ride to El Quelite. I know, we've already been there just a few weeks ago. But you can never go to El Quelite too many times. We take the blue route, about 25 miles.  [Just a warning this will probably be a picture heavy long blog. I took 234 photos!]]
The town is not very big at all. It is mainly supported by agriculture. It has three major restaurants, a great bakery, and a rooster raising farm. The townspeople are amazing. We usually eat at El Meson de Los Laureanos.
Because of all the rain this year the pink flowering Amapa trees are covering the hill sides. This is not far from the RV park. 
 On the free road highway 15. I wonder where he came from and where he is going. We also passed him on our way back. Still plodding along. 
 This is a new sign, Surprised me and I barely caught it with the camera. 
 The archway leading to the road to the little town of Los Zapotes. Several years ago we went there. Almost every little town has an arch on the road into it. 
 Another hill covered with the pink trees. 
 Did manage to get one decent of a tree blooming. Beautiful. 
 Passing through another little town. The house is for sale [guess it will need a paint job right away] and the horse is mowing the yard. 
 Construction on the 15 just before the turn off to El Quelite. Some major work going on. 
 The road the entire way to El Quelite is under construction to widen it. So far these big bougainvilleas have not been bothered. All the smaller ones planted several years ago are no longer along the road where it has been widened 
 Since we were here a couple of weeks ago a lot has been done. This area has been widened and repaved. 
 Still several areas where there is construction. Only one lane here. Who ever gets there first goes through. 
 Saw lots of new corn growing and many fields being prepared for planting. 
 El Quelite's arch.
 The first house you see entering town. 
 Discussing ??? - got a wave and smiles from them, everyone in town knows the car. 
 This is so pretty. Colors amazing. See the bougainvilleas in the pots. Found out that all the plants removed for road widening are now in pots all over town. So glad to see that. 
 Statue of an Ulama player. Ancient game that is only played in a few places now. We have seen a couple of games. The players strike the ball with their hips. The ball is made of solid rubber and weighs as much as 4 kg (9 lbs), 
 Common sight horses or burros being ridden through town. 
Love this. The building is a hotel and souvenir shop. They have great stuff for sale and a marvelous courtyard. 
 Colors, colors, colors. 
 First time I've seen the El Quelite sign. The nativity scene behind it.
 Again sun was in wrong place to get a detailed picture.
 This little street was closed off a couple of years ago and the building on the left will eventually be a small hotel. 
 Even the trash cans are pretty. 
 Break in a water line. Hope it isn't too deep. 
 A small store that sells lots and lots of kinds of sandals.
 One neighbor is getting propane the other is getting a new roof. 
 Yum candy. Jamoncillo a very sweet candy. 
 A dogs life. 
And from here we went into the restaurant. But will save that for another day. This is getting long.


Kathy Tycho said...

Thanks Carol. Haven't been anywhere yet as that house has taken up too much of our time. We'll go out soon in the Jeep but we'll miss the moto. Can't have everything!

Carol and Bill said...

Try to get out that way while the trees are still blooming.

Doug and Nancy said...

Carol - Pictures are spectacular!!!

Carol and Bill said...

wish you were with us.