Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Flora and fauna of Mazatlan

Went into Centro yesterday. My watch had stopped working so had to take it to the watchmaker. I hoped he could fix it. And he did. He took it apart, cleaned all the insides and replaced the battery. Works like a charm. It is close to thirty years old. Cost US$ 2.50. and took about an hour from when we dropped it off until we picked it up. 

We have been taking drives around town just to get out some. Barely caught this little girl buying something from on of the vendors on the Malecon. 

This building is an iconic landmark in Mazatlan. And now it is almost or completely empty. There is talk of some city group taking it over and keeping it repaired. I sure hope so it is amazing. Years ago it was lite up at night with lights that changed color. Beautiful. 

 Found the article. Also had a picture of how it used to look with the lights. What a shame if something doesn't get done to save it. 

"The State Government will look for the owners of the property and the necessary budget to restore it.  Article lifted from The Mazatlan Post."  At least I'm giving them credit. They posted a whole blog of mine once with no mention of where they got it. 

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, announced that he will seek to rescue the emblematic “Valentinos” building, a world-famous Mazatlan tourist site.

When the changing lights used to work

“We are in front of another neglected, abandoned monument that we cannot allow to continue like this, it is the Valentinos Mazatlán,” he said  Ordaz Coppel affirmed that the owners of the space and the necessary resources will be sought to give life to the abandoned property. “We have to go to talk, to find a solution, with the family, with the Federal Government, to make this point, which is also emblematic of Mazatlan, re-launched, reactivated, and once again be a symbol of Mazatlán, ”he stated."

Some of the vendors along the Malecon. Lots of beach toys and shoes. 

I happened top look out the window of the RV at the right time and saw these two old men crawling along the campground. I was told because they are orange they are older males. They each were about three feet head to tip of tail. 
I took the first couple of pictures from our patio. Then I walked right up to them. They never moved a muscle.

This is the other one. The red around the nose is weird.
And that night there was a wonderful sunset. 

I should have stayed out longer because it ended up really really red. 

Torres restaurant across the street there used to be 15 or 16 tables out here now there are 8. 

Another plant at Torres. We asked the main gardener a few years ago what it was. It is called the "Bishop's Balls" no kidding.  "Gomphocarpus physocarpus, commonly known as hairy balls, balloonplant, balloon cotton-bush, bishop's balls, nailhead, or swan plant, is a species of milkweed. " I think hairy balls is funnier. 
He must remember us from years past. Came over looking for some tidbit. This year, so far, we aren't feeding any of them. Well Bill did when we first got here and someone had the audacity to crap on the Jeep. Sorry guys he ruined it for everyone. 
Been building his for a couple of years. I think it is one of the prettiest building here. If you buy a condo there you also get access to the buildings Yacht!  
One of the lovely sculptures along the Malecon.
I said I'd take a picture of the outside of the parking lot we are using now. This is it. What a shame so many of these beautiful buildings have just fallen apart.

The pretty flower on these trees - looks just like an orchid. 

Thought I'd share the weather for the next few days. Going to be cooler and cloudy. And the humidity is down some.  Supposed to be rain on Thursday. Just so it isn't like last years rain that turned the RV park into a lake. If you don't remember that mess here is a link to it   Love the picture of Bill in his bags.
We are still trying to keep busy and safe. Will work today on some videos from yesterday for tomorrow. 
Added a drone video of the area around the lighthouse and observatory. The proper name of the area is "Paseo del Centenario"  no wonder I can never remember it. 
Click here to view in full screen.  No sound. 

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

When I try to click on the video in full screen it doesn't seem to be working??

Anonymous said...

I could get to it in YouTube by clicking on Drone video at lookout point by lighthouse or clicking on the blue circled a

Carol and Bill said...

thank you for letting me know. I put the wrong link there. think I have fixed it now.

Kathy Tycho said...

You know you really need to publish your Mazatlan posts in some sort of guide book as they are so informative. Great job!

Andy said...

Great info. I enjoy reading your blog and viewing all the beautiful photos every day

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - but then it would be a JOB!
Andy - thanks.