Sunday, December 13, 2020

Mazatlan sunrises and sunsets

 Last Tuesday early evening we went to Torres for dinner. I just didn't feel like cooking and we were both tired of salads. Dinner was good, then we moved outside to sit in the lounge chairs under the umbrellas to watch the sunset. For a while we watched this man net fishing. Couldn't tell if he caught anything or not.

He just brought the net in to inspect it.  

Gathering it up getting to throw it. 
Throwing it out to start whole process again. 
The sunset starting to get colorful. 
Just ready to sink below the horizon. 

Friday morning there was a rather pretty sunrise. It is amazing what a difference clouds make. During the night there were a few drops of rain. Just enough to make the windshield dirty.  

The tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe at Torres. Usually they have a procession to one of the churches, but not this year.
Some new decorations over there. Hard to get a good picture of them. 

This truck went flying by us. He has a couple of balloon arches in the back. I hope he wasn't delivering them. 
If he was he either needed to slow down or stop and cover them. There were white and red balloons all over the road and sidewalks. 

Almost every major intersection has some one preforming during the red lights. Amazing none of them get run over. 
Friday nights sunset. Bet it was even more amazing over the ocean. Taken from the campground. 

On Saturday and Sunday we pretty much stay at home - until we start going stir crazy. Which was the case Saturday morning. So we went to the nursery and got some plants. Two hibiscus. This one is more orange then it looks in the photo. 
And this amazing one. Nature is sure beautiful. 
Also a bigger poinsettia to go with the small one I got the other day.  Just add some color to our home away from home. 
This is one of our bougainvillea, this bunch reminds me of a Bridal Bouquet - too many Hallmark movies I guess.
Watched a couple of soccer games Saturday. And I've even cooked a couple of dinners lately. bill cooked breakfast this morning. 
The weather is really nice now. The humidity has gone way down and the temperatures during the day are in the high 70's and it really cools off at night. But about 10 a.m. every day the wind picks up. 
A couple of the homes around us are busy building patio covers so we hear some hammering and talking and some music coming from them during the day. 


Unknown said...

Beautiful flowers,the hot pink and yellow hibiscus is stunning!

Dirk Digler said...

It’s really neat seeing you both back in Mexico. Let the adventures begin. Sending you smiles from the kitsap peninsula in western Washington. Dirk

SandyM said...

Love the new hibiscus colors - one of my very favorite flowers. That orange is just beautiful and of course the poinsettias are always beautiful to see. The sunsets are wonderful and we sure miss them.

Carol and Bill said...

Hello -the yellow one has a new flower about ready to open, can't wait.
Dirk - good to hear from you again. Fewer adventures this year, being careful but still enjoying the country.
Sandy - Couldn't resist the yellow one. So different. The clouds are gone for a few days so no pretty sunsets for a while.