Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Mazatlan's varied Architecture

 Yesterday we went to Centro and did some walking around. I'm always amazed at the different styles of buildings. I'm glad that the city has imposed some rules about tearing down old buildings and putting up new ones. Wish they had done it 100 years ago. 

This is the upper floor of one of the building surrounding the Plazuela Machado. It is a beautiful building built in the 1860's. I took a picture of it a couple of weeks ago when the glass panels were closed. Glad to see they can be opened. It used to be open for tours. The floors inside are amazing old tiles. 

The area under the above picture. Lots of arches and tiles used in the 1800's
A somewhat newer building with a big roof garden. The building on the right was also built in the 1800's
So where do you live?  Well, I live in the green building next to the tomato red place. Kind of a boxy look to these. No idea when built. 
The old and the ugly newer right next to each other. This is no longer allowed. The exterior walls of any old building must be kept as was. Can't be torn down.
One of the grand old buildings. 

The history of the building. First use 1830. 1851 it was a school for girls
Same building another view of it. 
Yet another style,
Two beautifully restored or kept homes. 
This one has been here quite a while. Looks like at one time one of these had a second floor. 
Didn't take a picture of the home, but this is a window sill. Wrought iron surrounds it. 
Interesting look. 
I'm sure what ever was there originally was nicer looking. 1920's maybe.
This is a lovely building. 
But they need to start some repairing before it crumbles. 
I took this because we stopped to eat breakfast here - outside. 
And I'm going to stop here for today. Pretty much stayed home except to drop off the laundry. Watched a couple soccer games and read. Nice to do nothing. 
I have more interesting architecture to show you in the next blog. 
Funny thing happened today. I was sitting here reading listening to a bird on the roof. All of a sudden it slipped and fell off the roof. What a racket it made as it fell. It wasn't hurt but it sure was embarrassed.


SandyM said...

Great Photos! Love seeing all the old building. Thank you for sharing.

Jackie McGuinness said...

There used to be an interesting museum upstairs in the first building. Wonder what happened to all the stuff?
I just went to look at my blog and found our visit to the museum back in 2014!

SandyM said...

Jackie, I, too, have wondered what happened to all the “stuff” that was in that museum. I really enjoyed the time I spent there. I will look at your post on museum - do I have to join anything to get to your blog - can you tell I am not very savvy as to computer stuff.

Carol, looking forward to the next post on old buildings/Mazatlan tour.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy Glad you enjoyed tour.
Jackie - thanks for link. We were up there at one time too. So must have pictures of it too. Remember the Casa Haas - it was supposed to be a Carnaval Museum, that never happened either. City is just interested in high rises and Tourist attractions now. Really changing.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Sandy, just pop on over!

Carol, the museum had some carnaval costumes, wonder why I didn't post them? Will have a look.
Like every other city - high rises. Like you said it will be like Miami in no time, what a shame.