Friday, December 4, 2020

All videos Olas Altas 1

This is just an extra post. Kind of a trial for videos. Will post regular blog later today. 
This kind of a different blog. Mainly I'm trying to figure out the Movie Maker program and how to put the videos on the blog so people can view them without problems. Have figured out I have to upload them all to YouTube and then "embed" them in the blog to make them viewable. No more just uploading straight to blog. Also playing with adding sound - my narration or music to the video. Or just quiet.  After taking these off the dash cam, I think I managed to turn the audio on the cam. But not sure, and maybe that isn't a good idea anyway. We tend to not filter our conversations. We'll see the next time I think I want to use one of the videos. 

These were taken a few days after we got here. Our first time driving up the Malecon, through Olas Altas heading towards the light house then back into Centro. 
The first one we are driving along the area where the divers - dive. Now there is no parking because of the new bike path. Wonder where the tourist buses will park? This one I added music to. This is an older tourist area. One of the hotels here was where all the John Wayne era stars came to relax and go fishing. Really have to watch for people running across the street or cars just stopping in the middle of the street. There was kind of water rescue going on. Ambulance there and everyone was looking an pointing out over the water.  Then up the narrow street. Had to wait for a car to turn around in the street. Heading up to a right turn. Oops, when the screen goes blank just shut the video off. No idea what happened. Like I said I'm learning. 

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The drive continues. Hum guess I need more practice with titles. I tried narrating this one. Need more practice there too. Just getting ready to around this nasty curve. Glad we didn't meet any one coming around it. Continuing on. After next turn we noticed the road had been paved. then around another curve and the ocean comes into view.  I like the bubble street lights, they are pretty at night. We stopped for a bit at one of the pull outs. The lighthouse is on top of the hill in the background. Across from where we are parked is the museum about the observatory.. Last year they built a funicular to go uo the hill to the observatory. Now everything is closed and they are adding to the building. 

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Making the turn back towards the central part of old Mazatlan. Hum...I lost a whole sequence of the trip. Oh well. But I did get the title right!  And more music. We are turning right into this very narrow street to head towards the Plazuela Machado. This is an old residential section. A lot of the homes have been restored. Love the colors.  The people crossing the street were filming some sort of Podcast.  Pass a parking lot. It is 20 pesos an hour about one dollar an hour The purple building on the right is empty - as in no interior, no roof, it is also a parking lot. We come up to the Plazuela Machado. See the guy with the cotton candy?  It was a Thursday and the restaurants were getting ready to put their tables in the street for the evening. All restaurants around the Plaza. That's okay park where ever you want. 

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Continuing towards the main shopping area in old Mazatlan. This is a residential area  but has a few businesses among the homes. The streets in this area are all one way - thank goodness but still very narrow. We make the turn, at the BLUE apartment building, on to one of the major streets. a lot of the businesses here are closed, but not sure if they are closed or just don't open until later. The pink and yellow building on the left is a candied nut store. Of course we had to stop and buy some.

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We continue up the street. Passing a big plaza and the cathedral. On the left is a very up scale department store. And  of course lots of street vendors. After the cross street on the right a great bakery and restaurant.  The tiny McDonalds here just sells ice cream. Fabric store on right, shoe store on left. Then across the street is the Central Market, one square block big. And on the left my favorite fabric store. 
You always let the busses go. Turn right on to the Malecon heading home. 

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Please let me know what is good, what is bad, what can be improved. I've already adjusted the dash cam so it doesn't show the hood of the car - I think. And maybe the audio is on...


Chaz said...
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Chaz said...
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Mark said...

I like when it has music. You picked out a good one for the video.

Carol and Bill said...

surprised your comments have been removed. I appreciated them. And I have fixed the time stamp on the dash cam too.
Mark - thanks.

Carl said...

your videos were good for us. No problems. The time stamp had my wife a little confused. I said to look at he crowds in Centro. There are none. Really appreciate your effort with the videos and pictures. Thank you.

NormSusan said...

Thanks Bill and Carol. Videos are awesome especially when you narrate. Just want to jump in the back seat and travel along with you instead of being here in snowy Alberta. Keep it up. Maybe try to capture some of the heat and smells in a can and mail it to us so we can truly experience the drive with you, lol

Carol and Bill said...

Carl - thank you for the comments. Hopefully the time stamp on the dash cam is now right...It takes pretty good video for a little camera.
NormSusan - I might add a little more narration, but I really don't like the sound of my voice - it sounds so different in my head lol, wish I could send you some of the heat and smells - wouldn't that be great. smellivision.