Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Pretty much a do nothing day

 Nothing really interesting to write about - but will try. The orange hibiscus is getting another flower and there are two more almost ready buds on it. Went to the market and got some potting soil and plant food for them. Bill put them into a couple of containers we had from last year, Rafael saved them for us. So hopefully they will do well.

Wandering around the back part of the campground I found a pomegranate tree. Rafa says the fruit will not be edible. It doesn't get very big and is dry inside. The tree doesn't get the TLC it needs to produce tasty fruit. Surprised they grow in clumps. 
Ampther bunch and some flowers still blooming. 
Too bad they won't be good, there are a lot of them on the tree. 
Now this is real social distancing. Almost too much so. Kind of lonely back here. A night or two ago after Bill had gone to bed and I was about ready to there came a knocking on the door. Oh boy, should I answer it? No way was I going to open the door. Whos there?  Answer back in Spanish. So yelled at Bill to get up. Any way it was the night watchman letting us know Bill had left the headlights on in the Jeep. Thank goodness he'd made his rounds and noticed it. The watchman makes his rounds several times a night wrapped in a blanket and with his bright flashlight. 
Some other kind of fruit. No idea what. The lime trees back here have no limes on them this year. Again, I guess, no TLC.
Sunday we went for a drive then stopped at a very nice produce store a couple of blocks from the campground - THANK YOU Kathy - we did find it. Wonderful produce. Picked up a couple of nice red peppers that Bill roasted in our little air fryer. They smell so good when cooking. 
Bill has been wanting some English Muffins but haven't found any here.  Yesterday I was reading one of the Mazatlan Facebook pages and someone mentioned they found English Muffins at the Walmart we usually go to and also at the Sam's Club next to it. So off we went to check it out. Entering Walmart. Must step on the black mat of sanitizer. The upside down L shaped thing is the thermometer to check your head temperature. And right beyond it is a sanitizer station. It is now a step on a pedal and the sanitizer puddles in your hands. The ladies foot is on the pedal. Before you had to squeeze a bottle. The sign says masks are obligatory. 
Big Christmas tree right inside the door. The note on it says the decorations aren't included in the price.  Did not see a price. 
A sample of the roasts, hams etc. that can be purchased as shown for Christmas dinners. 
We did not find the muffins neither at Walmart nor Sam's Club. Guess they were both out of them. so will continue to check. 
Then we went to another grocery store where we knew there was a little shop that sells Christmas cards. Walmart doesn't sell them. We got a couple of cards then went back to the bakery department. Thought this cake was cute. Little penguins all over it. 
Left there and went to the marina to get pizza for dinner at La Mona. Had to wait for it so wandered around a bit. A boat coming in. 

We noticed this pretty girl in her fancy dress getting her pictures taken with the marina as a back drop. Check out her hair. Wow. All the way down to her waist. 
It was just her and the photographer. This is a bad year to turn 15 in. No celebrations. 
And then our pizza was ready and home we went. End of another day in paradise. 


Kathy Tycho said...

You might look in the freezer at Walmart for the English muffins. When I asked about bagels that's where they were but they were mini and not what I wanted.

Carol and Bill said...

We tried breads, freezers, cool cases etc. in both places. Just didn't have any that day I guess. Will check when we go back. We saw regular size bagels at Sam;s .