Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Saturday, Sunday an Monday we stayed home mostly.

 On weekends we will probably be mostly staying home. There are a lot of local tourist in town and places are crowded. So until we are more comfortable going out we will probably spend these days at home. I'm playing with my Movie Maker program so I can add some videos to the blog off and on. Beginning to figure it out a little. The main problem I find with it - is it is hard to make it work on the blog. I don't know if it is the Blogger program or the video program but the videos don't want to play unless you really insist on watching them. I had to right click on the video and say reload or redo. Or had to reload the whole blog. or a couple of times just kept clicking on the play button. Well guess I'm not the only person having problems. Love it when they update and improve programs and then nothing works. So going to have to upload all videos to YouTube then embed them in the blog. Oh, well I don't have any better to do. 

I redid the video in the last blog so you can see it now. 

Saturday early evening, just before sunset we did take a ride out to the ocean view spot we like. Next to the Riu Hotel.

Saw a couple of wedding parties in full swing. It is strange, to me, to have an elaborate wedding here. Look at all the people in the background who are just enjoying the beach. 

Thought this sunset was going to be nicer then it was. 
The other bride was walking along the ocean.  Wonder if the photographer got the shot without the beach goers in the background. 
The setting sun. 
When we got back to the RV park the sky to the south had lit up in a nice pink glow. 
Sunday morning I walked around the park for a bit. This is "our" banana plant. Wonder how long it takes the bananas to ripen well enough to eat?  Bill says probably not until Feb or March...
We have one bougainvillea bush that has three different colors in it. One branch is bright red. 
Most of them are a pretty pink. 
And some are almost white. All on the same bush. 
This is a hibiscus we planted last year. Looks almost dead, but has about six or seven new leaves on it. Maybe it will make it now that it is getting TLC.
Inside, here is Bill doing something with his charging station for the drones. Was going to take it up and take some movies but the wind came up to strong. Another day. 
Walked through the park. Up front all the plants are blooming. No cutter ants this year to ruin them. 

When he saw me he moved so he could go into his hidey hole under the slab. 
Another pretty flowering plant up front. 
We waited until about 2:00 and then went across the street to Torres to eat lunch. No one else was there. 
Monday we stayed home all day. The days are cooling off some and the humidity has let up. But it is getting pretty cool at night. Had our little heater on for the last couple of nights. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

So sad to see everything so empty.

As far as I know, you have to upload to YouTube to get them to work. I did one last month and had to upload.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - what a pain. Why don't they leave things alone.

Grandma on the Road said...

I'll bet your lizard friend would like a piece of melon or other soft fruit. Or do they just eat bugs??


Carol and Bill said...

Judy - they love fruit and lettuce and even bread. I think here in the Rv park they are spoiled.