Friday, December 11, 2020

The beautiful little town of El Quelite - Part 1

We were supposed to get rain during the night but don't think we did. But this morning the sky sure has some black angry look clouds. Might rain yet. 
Back to Wednesday. 
Being stopped by the Guardia National - "Papers? Papers? Yes we have our stinkin' papers."  Sorry Cheech and Chong - couldn't resist. 
Driving into and through part of delightful lovely El Quelite. Those of you who have gone there with us will notice a difference in where
we parked.
Click here to view in full screen. No sound. 

Entering town through the arch. I don't know why this isn't a Pueblo Magico, it sure should be. 
"The Quelite or Rancho El Quelital, named in 1564 by its founder Captain Francisco de Ibarra, who arrives at the village of Amole, also gives the name to the river that runs along the edge of the town, at that time it was only inhabited by some indigenous Totorames who left much of their pottery and works of art buried in these lands." Quoted from The Mazatlan Post. 

The bougainvillea that were transplanted from the side of the road in into big pots around town. Some of them are doing well, others not. so much.
Doing some repair work on this building. 
Stopping for a little chat with neighbors. 
A nice place to shop.  Some of these pictures taken through the cars windows are a little fuzzy. Sorry. 
Oh my gosh. It is a Wednesday and around 10:00 - we didn't think there would be quite so many people here. 
Laundry hanging on the roof of the restaurant. 
Now those are big topes. 
Slowly making our way through. Does that curb on the left look familiar? Inside joke.
A town full of colorful homes and beautiful plants. 
"So famous is El Quelite, that song was composed by singer-songwriter Miguel Sabido, although the urban legends tell us that the melody of El Quelite is an anthem of the state of Guerrero, the truth is that this melody has been interpreted by many performers of the traditional Mexican music and still singing as if it were a hymn of these lands of Sinaloa."
Look John, they have plastered the outside walls. Next thing you know they will be painted. Years ago Bill and John "helped" build this home. They each threw a couple of bricks up to the man building the place. 
The restaurant El Meson de Los Laureanos where we are going. These big doors used to be the way in. Now closed to control traffic in and out. 
"Just over 20 years Dr. Marcos Osuna, quelitense distinguished, had faith in two projects, one was to reconvert his native population in an alternative tourist center of Mazatlan and the another to open his Restaurant “El Mesón de los Lauréanos”, which involves all the inhabitants, since most of the products offered in the restaurant are from local producers, besides it employs many people from El Quelite and promotes many works community, for this reason we can say that this Restaurant is a pioneer in the local and ecological food system, where consumers, the farmer and local producers are involved."
Lots of vendors along the street. I love these hats and wish sometimes I could wear hats. Maybe before we go home I'll get one just to have it. 

Written on the side of a home, "God bless this home and this land,"
My most favorite photo op in El Quelite - take one every time we are there
To enter the restaurant you have to go through the door at the front of the old house. Your hands are sanitized and you walk through sanitizer. The girl at the door radios someone inside that you are entering and how many of you there are. All the tables have plastic over the table cloths. The plastic is sanitized when ever the table empties. The menus are now single us place mats. 
This is Dora, our favorite server. She is one of the ladies who helped me clean up years ago when the iguana pooped on my head! She still laughs about it. But makes sure we are sitting under an umbrella.
Many tables have been removed so there is a lot of space between them. 

Love that purple wall. 
Just some pictures of the inside of the restaurant. Every where you look there is color. 
Bill watching me wander around. 
A favorite photo op  with the patrons.
A Nativity scene in the tree. 
More Christmas decorations. 
And our meals were being delivered. Will stop here and continue tomorrow. 
Link to Mazatlan Post entire article. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

John had a good chuckle at your comment.

Grandma on the Road said...

I like that deep pink hat with the butterfly!

Nice photos. Love the way Mexicans use bright colors.

Janet said...

Brings back lots of great memories!

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - I wonder when it will get painted and what color.
Grandma on Road. I didn't even notice the butterfly It is pretty.Thanks for comments.
Janet. They will be strange memories from this year. So many things we won't be doing. Trying to find times when places are not busy. Lots and lots of National tourists this year.