Friday, January 8, 2021

Expect the unexpected while driving here

Yesterday we spent most of the day at home. Except for a mile walk to the produce store just down the street. Wanted to get some yellow and green peppers for dinner. Yes, I cooked dinner again. Made Veracruz Fish. Recipe here. Only problem was I didn't have as much fish as I thought I did. So we had a lot of sauce and had to hunt for the fish. 
Also walked a little around the RV park. Yesterday afternoon four other rigs pulled into the park, one back here with us. Two of them might be staying awhile as they both have mechanical problems. 
This is a video from the dash cam, it is from the day we went to the Plazuela Machado for the drone videos. Just a short trip Titled "Expect the Unexpected when driving." Hazard lights blink on cars for all kinds of reasons, most of which you can't figure out. Also people tend to pull over and park where ever they want to. I did a little narration on this one. Click here to view in full screen. 


Another day spent at home. Started out cloudy but got really nice later. Took a short walk to the beach and back. 


Marla Terry said...

I envy you guys, thank you for sharing Mazatlan especially with those of us who cant be there. Was so good to hear your voice in the video. Miss you guys 🤗❤️

Marla Terry said...
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SandyM said...

Think I need to try the Veracruz Fish recipe - had to laugh when you said you had to “hunt” for the fish; I thought that is just the ways fishing is! We use to really enjoy driving down Olas Atlas and up that steep hill and around that 90 degree curve. So enjoyed the video and your narration. Thank you for sharing

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you both for your comments, the Veracruz fish is really good.