Saturday, January 30, 2021

Rde and walk around Centro

Last night I did cook the corn on the cob, very sweet. Also had salmon cooked in the air fryer and skillet potatoes. Still getting pretty darn cool at night, especially when the wind picks up around sunset. Nothing seems to be bothering Bill when he eats now. Thank goodness. Don't think I'd like having to mess with the gluten free stuff. 

After not being out and about much lately we decided to take a trip to Centro. Also Bill wanted to see if his watch was ready yet. It wasn't had to order some parts for it. Next week. I'm also thinking about trying to get a hold of the camera repair man to clean the lense on my little camera.  

As the passed the area where the fishermen come in there was a lot of activity, the boats must have just come in. Fishermen on the sand and people wanting to buy fish and just spectators. Looked like the birds were enjoying getting scraps. 

Heralding towards the Plazuela Machado we spied this guy. Dressed up to do the Deer Dance. It is an amazing dance. Have seen it preformed a couple of times. 

Just a street scene. 
Parked so we could walk around a bit. Stopped in Nid Art but our friend the owner wasn't there. I haven't seen these pretty crocheted dolls before  Might end up getting one. 
Pieces of painted and formed metal. Sure colorful
A sculpture. 
Just for the colors and patterns. 
Looking into a condo on the way. Nice entrance hall. 
Small home with plates embedded into the stucco. 
Tall skinny home. They go quite a ways back though. 
I couldn't read the sign in the middle. Too worn out. Wonder what it said. 
This was a restaurant. The upper floor the home. 
Another restaurant right next door. Home upstairs restaurant downstairs. 
Continuing on our walk, either I walk faster or they don't walk and talk at the same time. Some of both I think. 
An unexpected mural on a wall. 
Oh my goodness look where we ended up. The Quilt Shop. I like the colorful outside.
No customers inside so Mark and I went in. Just me drooling over the material. 220 pesos a meter, About US$10 a yard. And so much of it. Just walked and looked around. Could spend hours in there. 
And then we turned around and headed back towards the car. Tomorrow's post I guess. Only got in 3000 steps today. Better than nothing. 


Mark said...

To be fair Carol. Bill and I were busy solving some of the worlds problems when you took that photo. Some things just can't b rushed...

Kathy Tycho said...

Love Nid Art. Sure wish I was wandering around downtown. You make everything a bit more "normal" with your posts. Thanks!

Carol and Bill said...

There are very few people walking around where we've been. We stay out of the area around the central market. A few restaurants were open in the Machado - but we stay away from them. At least is was a nice walk. Would not have gone in quilt store if any one was in there. Hope things settle down by April.