Monday, January 25, 2021

Sunday Sunrise

 Yesterday's sunrise. A good way to start the day. 

We stayed home the whole day. So not too much to write about. Bill has been experimenting with what he eats. I guess our gluten free guess was just that - a guess. He has had several regular bread items in the last few days and they haven't bothered him at all. Kind of a relief. I guess it was a stomach bug of some sort that finally went away. He is just taking it one day at a time. Right now feeling great. 
Our orange hibiscus bloomed again. The yellow and purple one hasn't bloomed since we got it. Something is eating the buds on it. So I sprayed it with dawn/water and then sprinkled some pepper on it. Hope the little bud it has will eventually turn into a flower. 
Our bananas continue to grow, but need a long time to actually ripen enough to try one. 
The poinsettias are still thriving. Such a pretty red. But most of their green leaves have fallen off. 
The pink bougainvillea is spectacular. On this picture you can see the actual flower. The little white one middle bottom. The hummingbirds like them. 
Fixed dinner again last night. I cooked and cooked and cooked some of the gluten free pasta we bought - still didn't taste done. Added grape tomatoes, olives, garlic, parsley, onion and olive to it. Flavor was good but pasta was really chewy. Also had asparagus,  air fried broccoli and chicken milanese [some of what Bill made the day before.]  Been cooking a lot lately, so of course been doing more dishes then usual. Why do I mention that? Well walked into the bathroom to find the shower basin full of ICKY water. And of course that is where we keep the laundry bag. So had sopping wet laundry too. Looked like a (stereotype I can't say ) laundry out on the patio as was trying to dry things out. Will take it all to laundry today. 
A little sunset last night. Should have gone out a few minutes earlier to get a good picture. 
You can see how the wind was blowing. The whole day was cool and cloudy and windy. But better then at home where it is supposed to snow in the Las Vegas valley today. 
 Start of Monday another cloudy and cool day. According to weather forecast, no sun until Friday. 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Glad Bill only had a stomach bug and is feeling better. I find all pasta here takes a lot of cooking but I like the de Luigi pasta in the brown bag...seems a bit more tender.