Sunday, January 8, 2023

A trip into the Centro Historico

Yesterday was a beautiful day and most of the tourists have gone home so the traffic was very light. So nice! So we picked up Mark, our Canadian friend - this months captured tourist and headed across town.

Always entertainment during the red lights at the intersections. He is juggling with a machete! I didn't notice it until I looked at the picture. Using a zoom to take the picture. 

And his man is all dressed up to do the Deer Dance. 
Like I said, a beautiful day. 
We went out to the area around the light house and observatory. One of the look out points is called Corazon del Mazatlan. I cannot get a really good picture of it, but the heart shape kind of shows up here. Various legends have gained popularity over the years about this place. One assures that those who kiss here during sunset will keep their love forever. Another applies to friends, if they are there their friendship will last forever.  It did not always have this shape. Was remolded in 2004 to this shape. 
Here we are at our favorite look out point the Mirador Paseo Centenario. Right across the street from the observatory. Also where I took the photo of Corazon del Mazatlan from. Both of these points have been recently repainted and all the glove light are fixed and working now. A view of the Malecon area of Mazatlan. 
We walked across the street to look at the mural. Looks like they are doing some construction above the mural. They have a trash shoot on the wall. It is a really pretty mural. We were watching them paint it when we were here last winter. 

It has a lot of detail in it. 
Heading back towards Centro in car. An old boat on a wall. 
Some pretty buildings.
In Olas Altas - this reminds me of a sun screen commercial. 
Heading towards the parking lot. Haven't seen this one before. 
The parking lot. You can see where the older buildings were. 
In Plazuela Machado. A 15th birthday girl getting her pictures taken. 
Oops, lost Bill, There he is - watching a chess game. 
More pictures of the birthday girl. 
A good picture of her. Baby brother or sister? 
We had breakfast at Gaia right in the Plazuela Machado. Forgot to take pictures. Busy watching what was going on around us and eating and talking. Just a pretty street walking towards Panama Bakery. 
Passing a pretty bench outside a store that sells beautiful Mexican hand made clothing. 
Looking back up the street, there are Christmas ornaments hanging from the tree. Prettier than the picture shows. 
Just liked this view. The old building and the orchid tree. 
Inside the bakery. No we didn't buy any thing this time. 
Back in the car. A nice fairly new mural.
Pretty buildings. 
From here we stopped in the Olas Altas area of the Malecon and walked around a bit. Took lots more pictures so will save them for another post. 
Today is another beautiful day. So will probably go somewhere. 


Kathy Tycho said...

A lovely tour as always😊

norm said...

Nice colors of the area.
Here in S. Indiana it's 37 degrees.

Doug and Nancy said...

Lovely as always!