Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Two more or less quiet days

Monday, January 2nd 2017 – Wow already another year. Seems like it was only a little while ago when everyone was all excited about 2000.
Got up early 5:00 and did my jobs. Wrote my blog and posted it. Prepared the fruit and fed the birds. Did all my end of year chores. Backing up and totaling out of yearly expenses and backed up my computer. Also watered my two plants. And it had just gotten light out! I need to slow down - after all I am retired.
Think I was on my feet too much on Sunday. Knee is sore – using Asper creme with lidocaine and it seems to work pretty good. Not helping with the swelling or bruising but feels better when moving around. I have got to stop mistreating that knee.
It is nice to sit outside in the sun with a good cup of coffee and watch the birds eat. They are so pretty. Should have brought out my laptop and listened to some flute music.
Tuesday morning. Didn’t get up quite as early, woke up at 12:30a.m. and seemed like every hour thereafter. Got up at 6:00. I’ve fed the birds. Saw a green and red parrot fly over but he didn’t stop to check in.
Did next to nothing Monday. Bill cooked our breakfast when he got up. Then we just visited with neighbors. Did go to the grocery store and the Mall, he wanted to replace one of his window decals that doesn’t show up on the dark glass. But the kiosko wasn’t open. Rode around a little, still lots of traffic and tourists from Mexico. Also one boat was in. Then on home where I took a nap. For some reason I felt exhausted – Read some and downloaded a few books. And visited more.
Then I cooked dinner. Lemon Chicken and noodles with olive oil, herbs, artichokes and roasted peppers. Both of us cleaned our plates. Bill did dishes. Boy – two home cooked meals in one day!
We won’t be doing too much this week as I’m letting my leg get to feel better and next week we have company coming from Canada so then we’ll be real busy sharing this wonderful area with him.
Two boats were in Tuesday so it was a nice day to have lunch in the plaza.
Wednesday. After sitting outside and watching the birds eat yesterday morning we did decide to go to the old part of town for a while. As we parked the car I could hear drums being played in the Plaza. So of course had to head that way to see what was going on. Watched these young men dance for a while.

Went over to one of the art galleries and picked up a map for this Friday’s Art Walk. The street the gallery is on.
Once back at the Plaza we sat down to have lunch. This older man came by to dance for the boat tourists. We’ve seen him around for several years, but had never seen him dance.
Then we walked up to the Central Market so Bill could buy a sling shot. [He just keeps getting younger and younger.] While he was looking at shirts I took this picture of chicken pieces for sale. Notice how yellow they are. The chickens here are fed marigolds. Their skin and the yolks of the eggs are really yellow.
Bill buying some shirts from the older man. Only 150 pesos – US$8 apiece. Some prices are really good when the boats are in.
Then buying some oranges for the birds US$0.05 [cents] per pound.
Back to the car and on home. By then my knee was protesting somewhat. Stayed home rest of the day. There is no pain but the bruising continues to spread and the swelling isn’t going down much. Might break down and go get it checked out later today. 
This afternoon we went to the Marina Hospital emergency room to have my knee checked out. The continued bruising had me wondering. No real damage, just the swelling and bruising. Got something to help the bruising clear up and if it continues to get worse in a couple of days go back for an ultrasound. We were in and out of there in less than 30 minutes. Doctor spoke excellent English. Cost US$19.00.
Some pictures from the waiting room. 5th one down, cost of a room per day US$82.00. We couldn't even get a band aid for that at home. 

Good experience. Still have to go to pharmacy though. WalMart pharmacy didn't have what doc prescribed. But I wanted ice cream any way. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Sounds like a positive hospital experience.
I've seen the guy dressed in white around also.
Looking forward to getting down there end of month!
Keep that knee rested!!

peteolsonmusic said...

Remember the mnemonic RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)! If you want it to heal quickly, do all of these things seriously. You should not go out walking at this time, or even be on your feet, not until the swelling goes down; you should get an ace wrap and and wrap it (not too tight, but more than snug - NEVER stand or walk without it until you are better!); fill a gallon Ziploc bag with ice and drape it over and around your knee, 20 minutes at a time, with as little clothing or other insulating material between the ice and your knee as possible-as cold as you can stand; elevation means your knee should be higher than your heart, so the blood and fluid that is pooling outside of your blood vessels, in your muscles and third spaces, can drain back into your blood vessels, and be returned to your regular circulation, so being fully reclined in a recliner, or in bed with lots of pillows underneath your knee is what it will take. You have already aggravated your initial injury by not doing these things, so your recovery may take a little bit longer then it would have if you had started immediately, but I guarantee you if you are casual about these things it will take much longer to recover. Taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen can also be helpful, if it does not conflict with any other conditions or medications you are taking. Things like this can turn into something chronic, long-lasting, or even permanent if not taken care of!

peteolsonmusic said...

I know I sound like I'm no fun whatsoever, but I do know what I'm talking about…

Carol and Bill said...

Had to keep it rested when we are doing something almost every day. Will probably pay for it later in life. Oh well. Be good to see you guys again. IF the gasoline problem doesn't get worse we will be going to San Blas the 20th for a couple of weeks.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for the good advice. Unfortunately, as you know, I really haven't been taking care of it. When home I keep it up and iced off and on. Also taking ibuprofen.
Will try to do better - but we have company coming!

Contessa said...

Where we at the Plazuela the same day? Saw those guys, had breakfast and then to the mercardo also.