Saturday, March 4, 2017

Two things off my to see or do list.

I managed to cross two things off my "Things I want to do this year" list yesterday. More about that later. It rained off and on all night last night. It is like being in a steel drum full of bearings when it rains on this roof. When I got up I saw a tiny patch of blue sky, the sun trying to come out. But now it is raining again. Humidity will be 87% today. A good day to stay inside. Yesterday morning we had the oil changed in both the jeep and the RV. Bill brings the oil and filters from home and our mechanic here, Pablo does the changing. Also yesterday was a miserable day weather wise. Very, very humid all day. Hard to breathe weather. Bill was having a hard time of it. We had made plans to go out in the early evening to go to the monthly Art Walk and go to a different restaurant for dinner with John and Jackie. Right up until we got in the car to leave I wasn't' sure we'd go. He had to use his inhaler, which he very seldom uses to feel almost human. 
I've always wanted to go to a private home that the owners open to the public for the art walk. We've never gone. #1 the home. #2 the library #3 Plazuela Machado #4 restaurant Topolo. Short walk but lots to see. 

So this year we made a deal. Bill would let me and Jackie off near the home and he and John would go park the car and wait for us in the Plazuela Machado. Neither of them feel comfortable going in someones home to ogle their art. To tell the truth Jackie and I felt a little weird doing it to. But once inside we were made to feel at home. A very gracious couple. And the entire home was a piece of art. 
The home is one of many built up on a hill. We had to walk up stairs just to get to the sidewalk to reach the home. Different view from up there. 
Here is a different side of the same building from their balcony. No idea how old it is or what it used to be. 
The artist is Sue Carnes. The home is an old home that has been beautifully restored. She is an American who move here several years ago. She also writes books. Her web page is here. Worth seeing her art. I just love this one. She had prints for sale and I would have got one but didn't have a cent on me!!!
 Just one of many beautiful pieces
 This is a mural on the wall of one of the home's bedrooms. 
Most of the windows were stained glass in various geometric patterns. 
 The stairs between floors. More wonderful colorful paintings. 
 In the kitchen the 5 gallon water jug was dress up as an old woman. 
 The patio in the back of the home. Another mural and beautiful plants.
Even with all the art work, the home gave a "Come sit down and visit with me." vibe. As did the artist. So glad I finally made it there. 
Walking across the rest of the way above street level sidewalk back down to the street. The exterior  window sill of one of the old homes.
 Looking down the sidewalk. These homes are one of the most photographed places in Mazatlan. Each one is a different vivid color.
 The last time Bill and I walked here the guard rail was being replaced in places. Felt a lot safer this time. 

 Looking across the street at a building that is in the process of being given a face lift. Looked it up it is a private school.
Looking back up the sidewalk. A couple of beautiful hanging plants. But the sun was back behind a cloud. 
 A lot of the streets in Centro are being worked on. A whole new drainage system is being put in. 
The Biblioteca - public library - in the Plazuela de los Leones. The plaza is named after the two lions in front of the library. The library is named after the father of Mexican independence. Father Miguel Hidalgo. The plaza is the second oldest square in Mazatla dating from the mid-1800's and was the original site of the central market. The library it self is named the Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin. Both Jackie and I have wondered what it was like inside. And yesterday the door was open. So...
In we went. Two rooms inside. Both of us were surprised about how few book stacks there were. The back room where the adult books and reading tables are. 

The front room that a reception desk and a children's area. 
Back outside as we were crossing the street we began to feel rain drops hitting our heads. Oh, oh, we still were a ways from the Plazuela. But by the time we'd finished crossing the street the rain had stopped. This yellow building is the back side of the Culinary Market where we eat breakfast now and then. This side has the bakery where we get the wonderful cinnamon rolls. Where you can see the writing on the window. The monstrosity to the left of it was built before the codes went into effect to preserve the old buildings. 
A hotel that is being refurbished. I guess it has been there for a while but is getting an interior face life. Took a picture of their sign through a dirty window. 
I've never been to this section of town during an Art Walk so we went into a few new - to me - places.  This one is also in the same building as the Culinary Market. The building is called the Reynaud Building built in the early 1900's. The stone on the building was imported from France and the blue tiles from Spain. Through the years it contained stores selling European goods, a railway station and an airline ticket office, the first in Mazatlan. 
Uno Gallery.
Interesting face. Small inside and lots of different types of art. 
Across the street from it in another old building was another gallery open for the walk. Don't remember the name. But it was up stairs. The hallway upstairs.
Looking over the hallway down to the courtyard. Love the tile. In places it is almost completely worn out. 
Some of the art in this galley, colorful but not my kind of stuff. 
Back out walking to the plaza to meet the guys. We didn't stop a lot of places because we had to meet them and then get to the restaurant for our 5:00 reservations 
No more rain and we finally found our men. Then on to the restaurant which will be tomorrows blog as I don't think we will be doing much today. 


Contessa said...

So glad that you finally got to see Sue's home. She and her husband also did the stained glass work.

Carol and Bill said...

it is quite a place. very inviting. love her work.