Sunday, March 5, 2017

Watermelon Margarita

So much has been going on the last couple of days I hardly know where to begin. So will return to Friday night. After the Art Walk we finally made it to #4 which is Topolo Restaurant. For years I've wanted to go there. Out front they have a big poster advertising there WATERMELON margarita. Sounded so good. 
 Right inside the door to the restaurant was this storage chest. Love it. 
 The restaurant was very pretty inside. Like a lot of restaurants here it had a large open to the sky eating area. Remember I mentioned a few rain drops while walking to the restaurant. We sat under the part with a roof. (It didn't rain until sometime during the night.) 
 Just a few more pictures of the restaurant. 
 A mask on the wall. 
 Lots of plants and water features. 
 John and Bill waiting patiently for Jackie and me to quit taking pictures and sit down. Even the waiter mentioned he couldn't take our orders cause we kept jumping up to use potty or take pictures. 
 FINALLY - MY WATERMELON MARGARITA!!! Looks great doesn't it. A real big disappointment. It didn't have any watermelon flavor! CRAP - all those years wanting one. And it just tasted like any margarita. 
 The waiter made the salsa right at the table. HOT for John and Jackie and mild for me. But it was still a little spicy for my taste. 
We ordered our meals, again forgot to take pictures. I had delicious salmon with rice and fresh vegetables. Nice size portion of salmon. John and Jackie had port shank and Bill had chicken. 
For desert we had flambe. They had strawberry. Here they are in he pan. 
 Waiter telling showing John how he wanted him to shake cinnamon on the orange rind when it was flaming. 
 Getting ready. John has cinnamon shaker in his hand. 
 Fire. He is shaking the cinnamon.
 Another look at the orange rind on fire. 
 The finished dish with ice cream. 
 We had banana flambe. Pouring liqueur on the half bananas over the flame.
 He put the bananas up to the edge of the pan them twirled them around. He called them a banana train. 
 Getting ready to add the flaming liqueur.
More orange rind on fire with cinnamon being shaken on it. 
 The finished product. YUM 
 After eating we had to walk back to the car. Of course had to stop in another art gallery.  These are the little weird wooden animals this year's Carnaval was named after. 
 Just a painting I saw there that was interesting. Notice the little bit of floor. All beautiful tile. 
 I can imagine when the streets had buggies instead of cars. Very pretty to walk here at night. 
 Passed the music school and the orchestra was practicing. Listened to them for a little bit. By the time we were through eating the weather outside had warmed up quite a bit. The sky was clear and the wind had stopped. 
 Just a picture of the Plazuela Machado busy on a Friday night. Probably our last time to be there at night this year. 
 Wish I had bought one of these. Corn husk innards. folded rice paper for the dresses and hats. I forgot we wouldn't be back here on a weekend or I would have got one. Also I would have had to catch Bill as I didn't have a peso in my bag. 
 It rained during the night Friday. Got up to cloudy skies Saturday morning. Sun was trying to come out. 
The birds were standing around outside wondering where their breakfast was. (the car was covered.)
 Come on lets get some food out here. 
 We had errands to run so went out to breakfast. I know - just so much nicer than cooking for ourselves. Passed the ice truck delivering big blocks of ice to the restaurants on the Malecon. Car window was dirty. 
First we went to drop off my newer camera to the camera repair man. We called him this time and made sure he would be there. In fact he was sitting on the curb waiting for us. 
Then we went into centro to pick up my glasses. The parking lots were all closed but found a space in the street right by the plaza. There was also a guy washing cars there. So Willie got washed while we went to pick up my glasses - which I am wearing as I write this. They are a little different shape frames so will have to get used to that. I can see them...
It was so humid out we didn't want to do much walking. I did try to get a hold of the artist with the print of the tango dancers. We could have walked to her home but she wasn't home. So we just went to Machado and sat in the shade while waiting for the car to be finished. 
On the way home we stopped to get a few things at the Mega Supermarket then on home. There were two NASCAR races yesterday Xfinity - which Kyle had the pole and won the race. And the truck race. He was leading a lot of the race but had a flat tire. But one of the trucks he owns won the race. Today is the Cup race. We were just hanging around reading when there was a knock on the door. Friends we'd met here in the RV park a year or so ago were in town for the day so they stopped by. Ended up sitting outside and gabbing until after dark. We originally met them because she reads our blog. 
Today our friend from here in Mazatlan, Angelica, will be coming by and we'll go out to lunch. Haven't seen her yet this year. What busy lives we all lead. 


Unknown said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful day. The restaurant meal looks amazing, and what a performance they put on. Looks like a very nice way to spend your little bit of time left in Mazatlan. Thanks for the pics, they always amaze me.Mazatlan is such a colorful place.

Carol and Bill said...

One of the things so great about Mazatlan is the colors. Every where you look.