Monday, December 30, 2019

Busy time at Cerritos

Thee day after Christmas we took the short drive to the Cerritos beach area. I wanted to see if the vendor there had any of my favorite blouses in stock. He didn't but said he'd have some soon after New Years
That cat is enjoying every bite of the fish. Usually there are four or five cats here. He got lucky this time.
This area is where a lot of the small fishing boats bring their catches to sell to the middle man who then sells them to markets or restaurants. Don't know if these are rejects or just not sorted yet. 
The boats are "parked" up along the rocks. We were there a low tide. In fact I don't remember seeing it this low before. This is a popular beach for the National tourists who flock to Mazatlan during the Christma/New Years holidays.
The restaurants put sun shades out on the beach so people can eat on the sand. 
They look so regal just sitting on a rock watching everything that is going on. 
More of the boats. I've written some blogs on watching the boats come in from their fishing and how they get them to their docked area on the beach.
She wanted no part of the water on her feet. But was content to watch it while in Dad's arms.
A panoramic view - clicking on it should enlarge it some. More and more umbrellas and canopies going up. More and more people coming out to enjoy the weather, water and food.

Lots of people having fun in the water. 
Oysters right out of the bay. Yum - NOT!

Man and wife selling fresh fruit cups and raspados - kind of like a snow cone. He is cutting up the fruit.
She does the raspados. 
Doing a good business in both the fruit and the raspados. 
Sauces to pour over the fruit. Mixed fruit cups or all one type of fruit. 
She shaves the ice then puts it into a cup then pours the flavoring over it. 
The device she uses to shave the ice also collects it to make it easier to put in the cup. 

We asked what flavor the one in the video was and told us vanilla. That is either evaporated or condensed milk she pours on last. 

Some one is inside this refrigerated truck and is tossing fish out to this man who puts them into his bag. A lady was also choosing fish to take home or to a restaurant. 
And here come another man with fruit cups he is heading down to the beach. 
Lots and lots of people enjoying the food and shopping and swimming. 
There is always something to see or do here in Mazatlan.
Haven't had to use the AC here for the last two days, but had the furnace running all night last night. Starting tomorrow it is supposed to rain for three days. Guess well know for sure if the window is really fixed.


Contessa said...

Lovely photos. Not looking forward to the rain.

Carol and Bill said...

Not looking forward to it either. Just made last grocery run - traffic is horrid.
Going to email you.