Friday, December 20, 2019

Plazuela Machado on Saturday night

Last Saturday late afternoon we just wanted to get out for a while. So got in the Jeep and just drove. We first alone the Malecon, through Olas Altas and ended up at the look out point where we discovered the work on the observatory. Then back through Olas Altas where there are some Christmas decorations. At the southern end in front of the school.
 And a couple of overhead decorations. A little out of focus as we were moving.
We were already over here so why not go to the Plazuela Machado for a while? Lights over the intersection by the parking lot where we leave the Jeep. Very pretty. I remember when most of the streets in this area had colored light strung over them.  
 Proud relative taking pictures of the little girls. Right out side the parking lot.  
We walked towards the Plazuela - to enter you go through this sparkly gate. It wasn't quite dark yet so got some decent pictures of the decorations. And we were there early so not too many other people in the pictures.   
 The tree of lighted balls with a little reindeer in front. Another one in the background. 
 They are so cute but wish they'd put lights to highlight them. 
A pretty sight. With the lit palm trees. 
 This didn't turn out too bad. Mary, Joseph and an angel. Again wish they had spotlight on them. Quite a few of the vendors were setting up by now.  
 The big Christmas tree. It twinkles. With Mary and the baby in front of it. 
 The gazebo was decorated nice. 
A closer look at the lights on it. 
Another picture of Mary and Baby.  
Little girl dressed up for a performance at the Theater  A Wise Man perhaps?.  
 We walked down by the theater and saw more children all dressed up. Sister and brother waiting quietly. I like the way the tablet/phone is lighting up her face. 
 More children all dressed up for a performance. Bill asked the parents and were told they would perform in a little while at the theater. 
 The exterior of the Angela Peralta Theater. 

A fifteenth birthday girl, can just barely see her in her purple dress. Every Saturday night we see one or two of the very pretty girls. 
A small art gallery/jewelry store across from the theater. 
 Colorful building. I can't help it I just love the colors every where you go.
Back in the plaza. More and more vendors set up. And more people strolling around.  
 Pots and pots of poinsettias have been added to the plaza. 

We decided we were hungry so stopped and ate at La Bohemia. Bill had a salad and I had lasagna. And I'm going to stop here as this is getting pretty long and I have many more pictures to share. So tomorrows will be part 2.
Don't know what we will do today, but I'm sure we will think of something. Yesterday we went to the Art Walk in the Golden Zone - have pictures will post - eventually. And today we had a great day - so much to share for another time. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Busy, busy, busy and so informative!

Carol and Bill said...

Trying to keep old age at bay.