Monday, December 9, 2019

Snippets of life here

Well also didn't go anywhere Sunday. Started out heading to the Plaza Machado and ended up going to the gasoline station because the low tire light was coming on. Yep, sure enough a screw in one tire. So right back to campground. 
Called the mobile tire repair man this morning. This is funny - about 7:30 Raphael, the maintenance man here at the park called a mobile tire place. The guy answered the phone. When told about our tire he proceeded to say, "I don't open until 8:00 - call me back then." End of conversation...
Weather remains pretty humid but at least not real hot. 
The street cleaners. Brooms and barrel on wheels. 
At the Torres time share. Virgin of Guadalupe sponsors a procession to the Catholic church each year on the 12th of December. We always go to Centro to the Cathedral on that day. 
Bill gave in and bought some camtimpalo - a hard sausage - and made his delicious breakfast, Eggs, potatoes, onions and small pieces of camtimpalo. It was a treat as he is cutting out the processed and red meats from his diet. 
We have baby bananas. Actually they are platanos. Sure was surprised to see them. Pic taken early yesterday morning. 
Picture taken this morning. Now they are turned up instead of down.
On Friday night we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and to experience the lighting of the Christmas lights there. This is one of the decorations before the lighting. Had a very good dinner at Pedro and Lolas again. 
More decorations before the lighting. 

While waiting for the lights to come on we walked to some of the art galleries in the area. 
Suddenly there were fireworks, the beginning of the ceremony. 
Just a quick not so good picture of some of the lights. Will go back some evening when it isn't so crowded to take more pictures. 
Having breakfast watching a surfer, never could catch him when he was up on the board. Some bigger waves this day. 
When we were over her the day after the BIG rains these little decorations were all over the place. Floated away. 
Just a shot of the sky and palm trees. 
On Saturday evening around sunset we went over to the ocean to watch it. There is a lagoon like area there. He was fishing. 
Sun going down, not much of a sunset. Sky turned orange, sun went down. 
Still fishing, he was actually catching something. 
The Rui hotel next to the lagoon. 
He was fishing too, didn't see him catch anything. 
The vendors leaving the beach in front of the Rui and returning to their vehicles. Guess he sells hats. 
He really has a big load. 
Putting it in his truck to take home and then start all over again the next day. 
Tire repair - different one - showed up at 8:10, by 8:30 tire was fixed and he was gone. Pictures later. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Ah, the Rui! Remember when you drove us there to have a vacation from our vacation when our family came into town? Really enjoying your pictures and all the stories, Carol. Miss you guys!!

Carol and Bill said...

Miss you too, wish you were here. A lot of changes since you were here to the town.

Doug and Nancy said...

That's okay, we will be there in the next winter season, WITH you guys, to see the changes and to enjoy (Oh Bill, don't forget how to make your crepes.....)!!!