Thursday, December 26, 2019

Visiting with Jessie at Los Osuna Distillery

After eating breakfast at La Martina restaurant we decided to visit the Los Osuna Tequila Distillery. 
Mainly to visit with Jessie the manager and to see if she knew when they would be shredding the Pena again. Click here to go the the posts [three of them I think] when they shredded them last year. Fun and interesting to watch. 
The road driving into the distillery. blue agave growing on both sides of the road. Some are still really small as they were just planted in the last couple of years. Some are really big and about to be harvested. 

The beautiful grounds of the distillery. Bill and Jessie talking. Jessie is the manager of the distillery and the wife of Roberto who has the leather shop in La Noria. 
She showed us pictures of her grandbaby. It wasn't that long ago her son was about 13...time flies.
This tree is over 300 years old.
Looking up into it.
Lots and lots of flowers and colors. I guess the plants liked all the rain this past summer. 

Their souvenir shop keeps getting bigger. Lots of things to buys. 
This tree was as big as the other one but it developed a disease and died so had to be trimmed to just the stump. The bougainvillea is now growing up on it. 
Just another view of the grounds. 
Bringing the donkeys back from the field. They are harnessed to the wheel that rolls over the shredded fibers of the plant to extract the juice. Of course it is not used any more. except for demonstration. 
Weed or pest control
They were weeding the area with hoes.  Said these plants need another couple of years of growing before being harvested. 
Agave and big cacti in the background. 
What grew first the cactus or the trees? 
This amazing tree is across from the ZipLine place.
From here we continued to La Noria where we found a wood worker and a pottery maker.


Kathy Tycho said...

People don't have to go anywhere they just have to read your excellent blog😊

Carol and Bill said...

But it is so much more fun to go. Especially when Bill get interested in something.