Monday, February 17, 2020

A great night out. in the Plazuela Machado

Saturday night we left the RV park around 5:30 to make it to the look out point to watch the sunset. That meant we had to go clear across town. The booths, bleachers and restrooms for Carnaval are going up everywhere. Kind of narrows the road down in places. 
 The beginning of the sunset. 
 It turned out pretty nice. Got redder as we were driving back towards Centro. 
 Hope you watched the video of the guy who dived off the cliff near this area. The post before this one. 
Almost to the parking lot. A Bride having her picture taken. 
 Parked and on to the Plazuela Machado. Carnaval decorations on the gazebo. 
We had dinner at Bellisario mostly because it was inside and the wind was blowing cool. And it is only one block from the plaza. Heading back to the plaza. The bride again, but the wind had picked up and her huge vail kind of had a mind of its own. And she and her attendants looked cold. 
We came specifically to see the spray can painter. Some of his work. He is only in the plaza on Saturday nights after 7:30. Small pictures on right 50 pesos -  larger one in middle 100 pesos. He has a pack of photos you can look through and pick out what you want painted. 
And here he is, Jose Ramirez, I cannot imagine spending hours in that position. His knee takes a beating. Love his work. Amazing to watch.  Doing a whole blog on him. Two paintings step by step.
 More of the corn husks dolls like the one we bought. They are so colorful. 
 Bill and Mark talking to the painter Jose. 
 A man  dancing the Deer Dance by himself.
 A lot of people here doing all sorts of things. So many things were going on in the plaza. Lots of music and dancing. 
She had a big crowd listening to her singing. Lot of people dancing too.  I stopped and listened and watched for a while. 
 Too bad there is so much background noise.
The cotton candy man making his way around the plaza. 
 A surprise - two Indians dancing with fire. That fire is on his hand. There was a video of them in the previous blog. And they had the unexpected background of fireworks. 
 And coming from his mouth. Captivating performance. It is just fun to walk around the plaza to see what was going on. 
 Oops a big gust of wind came up and blew the dolls. down.
 The lady that paints the pretty hats. 

Bill and Mark buying some paintings. Will do a whole blog on the painter and his work.  
Like I said a lot of people out and about. We left about 10:30 and people were still coming into the plaza. Had to move four cars to get the Jeep out. 
 But a few blocks away by the Cathedral the streets were empty and quiet. 
We got home  a little after 11:00 - Great evening out. Took it easy sunday. Hoped to watch the NASCAR race but it was postponed until today because of rain. 

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