Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Part 1 - Just Exploring

Oops I posted the wrong blog yesterday, was supposed to post this one. Oh well today is okay. 
We were riding around town looking for more of the Carnaval statues - didn't find any more. This wall is covered with artificial greenery. Looks good when it is new and cared for. Behind the wall is a big closed old RV park. The park is right on the water. Been closed for a couple of years now and nothing seems to be getting done to it. Probably will eventually be a high rise. 
The main road they tore up a couple of months ago. It looks like this part is almost ready to be opened. It is supposed to be open by the first Carnaval parade because this is where the floats go to the area where they are parked. 

And it was opened two days before the parade, which was Sunday night. Here is the road opened, we are headed east towards the grocery store we like. Only two blocks - and then the rest of the road is still closed. 
 Leaving the grocery store heading west. The building under construction is where there used to be an RV park. California RV. One by one the RV parks are closing.  All new sidewalks along here. 
Down by the aquarium the city is building a section for vendors. Looks nice, wonder when it will be used? 
Driving along the lagoon that will be part of the new Central Park. Pretty big area. 

The baseball stadium across the lagoon. It was just remodeled. 
Hum...looks like frogs and fish.
Now headed out towards Centro. Past an old Naval building There is a cannon out there pointing towards the bay. 
The gates for Carnaval are all up now. This was taken the day before Carnaval began. 
Stopped to look at the salt water pool. The ocean comes up over the rocks and keeps the pool full. It was low tide while we were there so no waves coming into it. 
The water slide into the pool. 
Only problem is if you want to use it you have to carry a bucket of water up the stairs to the top to pour on the slide. Otherwise it doesn't work too well. This was built about five years ago. 
I always like this sidewalk leading to the pool. Kind of makes you dizzy. 
The mermaid statue. 
JUst a look at the roof of the building across the street. Part of the building is a restaurant. 
A couple of cruise ships in town. Here comes the Fun Bus. 
Sof we stopped at the Glorieta Taboada to watch the divers. 

The diver's platform. 

One of the divers up there waiting until the guy collecting money from the crowd gets enough to tell him to dive. 
And there he goes. At least he goes into a wider channel than the guy the other night. 
I wonder if he is the guy the area is named after. Probably. 
Just up a ways is the Hotel Belmar. Of course we had to go in and look around. It was built in the 1920's
Did a whole post on the hotel yesterday. Just love the inside patio area of it. So different. And then we continued our ride to the Cruise Ship docking area and then back into Centro. 

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Kathy Tycho said...

You really have an eye for interesting things. You should have a monthly post in the Pacific Pearl " Out and about in Mazatlan" would be a good heading.