Wednesday, February 12, 2020

More time spent in Centro just walking around.

After a couple of days of rain and high winds we headed towards Centro to enjoy the nicer weather. Noticed that one of the big Carnaval statues at the beginning of the Malecon got knocked down by the wind. It has since been removed completely - too bad it was a pretty one. 
 Marines walking along the Malecon. Guess some are coming into town to be here for Carnaval. 
 It was a pretty day but still a little windy. 

 A new statue. This one is Ecuador. 
 The Plazuela Machado is getting decorated too. The logo for Carnaval. We Are America. 
 Just liked the reflection of the building in the puddle. 
 Colorful street. The yellow on the left is the one we got to tour a week or so ago. The blue and yellow one on the right looks like it is going to get repainted. 
 Starting to do some repairs on it. It is empty and part of it has no roof. 
 There is a new store across from the government building that features products made in Sinaloa. 
This is in front of the store. Lots of the small towns around Mazatlan. 
Another new statue. This in front of the government building. It is Mexico. 
 Of course we had to stop at the bakery.
 Then we walked a different way back to the car. This is a neat building. It is a cooking school. 
 Just an old building that has been painted a whole lot of different colors during its life. 
 Interesting sign. 
 Small pink house. LIke the way the one on the left goes up hill. There are a lot of hills in centro Mazatlan. 
 Nice looking apartment building.
 Its patio and pool. 
 More apartments. 
 Stained glass in all the windows and doors on this nice building. 
Heading home. Work continues on the main street leading to two popular grocery stores. Supposed to be open by Feb 19th. 
 A bad quick picture of another statue, this one up in our area by WalMart. It is Panama. 
 Been having more cool weather and some light rain. Today was nice so we took a road trip to another town. Getting closer and closer to time to go home. 

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Pictures are awesome Carol!!