Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Part 2 of Just Exploring.

Our days here are quickly coming to an end so we wanted to show Mark a part of town where we haven't spent much time. Continuing our drive. We headed towards the harbor. There were two big cruise ships in that day. 
But first I wanted to share this picture. Remember the video of the guy diving off this cliff - Well this is the narrow channel of water he dove into. CRAZY. 
 In case you missed it. 
Just an interesting picture of the shadow of the globe lights. Cliff he dove from in background. 
 The embarcadero. I guess these are parked instead of docked.  
 Heading towards the cruise ships. A school behind the wall. 
 A Naval facility behind wall.  Signal positions and flags. 
 More of the same wall. 
 There were two big cruise ships in - over 11,000 passengars on them and roaming around town. 
 There is a blue line painted on the road leading from the docking area right to the Plazuela Machado. So we decided to drive it. Took us through a different area of town that we usually don't go through.  Some of the passengers heading towards town. 
 Really nice house.. 
 Still heading towards Centro. 
Haven't seen this mural before. Interesting.  
 Oh my - colorful area. 
 Haven't seen this restaurant before either. 
 The sign in their doorway. Maybe we should try to find parking by it and try it. 
 Just buildings along the way. Notice the tree growing out of the top of that one.  
 After parking I went around the corner to catch these murals on murals. 
 Nice doorway. 
Many layers of paint on this old building and more murals over murals.  
 Same building just more of it. 
 Another building with plants growing in/on it. 
Looks like this is going to be a new restaurant or bar. I guess the birds won't be colored in. Like all the different designs here.  
The old ugly bank building they are trying to remodel so it will fit in with the historic buildings around it. So far we don't think they are doing a very good job of it. It won't be finished before we leave - too bad. 
 Motorcycle back end, food cart front. He was selling cold drinks and had his speaker at VERY LOUD
One of the art galleries around the Plazuela Machado.  
Then back in the car and home. A fun day again. 
We are out and about the last few days - so need to find time to blog. Weather is great. Lots to see and do and short time to do it. 

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