Thursday, February 13, 2020

Day trip to El Rosario, Sinaloa

On Wednesday we took a day trip to the town of El Rosario. It is one of Mexico's Pueblo Magicos. It was founded in August 1655.
We drove there via the toll road  15D. Had to pay the toll in the Mazatlan area of the road, but just gave a donation where we got off in Rosario. The people manning that toll put a large orange barrell in the roadway, then removed it after the "donation."  We came home the free road HIghway 15. 101 mile trip. 
The sunrise here in Mazatlan. Great way to start a day. I didn't see it unfortunately - Bill took these pictures. 

 So about 10 o'clock we headed out towards El Rosario about 50 miles south of Mazatlan Took the toll road all the way. Not much traffic on it. 
 Some construction repairs going on. One way traffic at this point. 
 Off the toll road heading into town. 
 That is a big agave!
 Looking for the old church ruins and the Laguna de Zacatecas. The homes here are quite colorful too.
 Found the church ruins but for some reason couldn't get in to see it. Closed we were told.
But we did find the Laguna, it was only a couple of blocks from the church. Right in the middle of the city. So pretty. See the bridge that goes to the small island.
Off we go towards the island. Very little movement from the bridge. 
 So pretty! Calm water with lots of vegetation around it. 
 There were lots fish in the water but hard to get a picture of them with the glare. Did manage to get one near bottom of picture. 
 Just another picture of the area. 
 And lots of turtles too. 
 Can walk out on this and dive off or grab ahold of the rope and swing out over the water. Hard to see rope but look for straight line hanging off thick lower branch above the platform.
 Some murals on the wall across the laguna from us. 

 The island had sitting areas but people were occupying them so didnt take pictures. 
Leaving the area and heading towards the Church. No one around but guess they were up the stairs.
More colorful clothes for sale along the road. 
Umbrellas and beach toys for sale. 
 Getting closer to the area where the church is . Nice paved streets and more colorful homes. 
 Around the fountain and heading towards the plaza. 
More about El Rosario next blog. 

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Doug and Nancy said...

I'm having such fun driving around with you guys that I almost feel like I should be sending you some gas money!!!