Friday, February 21, 2020

Scenes from Mazatlan

Watching news from Vegas - expecting 8 to 10 inches of snow in the mountains around the valley. Some in the higher parts of the valley too. And we are complaining because it is only 78 here.
One of our hibiscus blooming. 
Just out for a ride on a beautiful day. Past Olas Altas up the hill towards the Paseo del Centenario. Sharp left turn here - hope no one is coming our way.

Pas some murals. They look like they have been repainted from a few years ago.

 Then a sharp right turn past the Boys Home and back sea side.
 Stopping by the new Observatory Museum. The trolly car is part way up the hill with several people in it. Is it open now?
 Continuing on up the hill.  The doors were open so we went in. This is from inside the Museum looking at the sign saying Funicular.
 The floor just inside the doors. A young man came out and told us No it wasn't open yet. Maybe next week. Oh well.
 Up at the top everyone got out.
 I wonder do I really want to ride it?

The tile work outside has been finished and looks so nice.

Looking at the lower part of the path to the light house. I might be able to do the path but when it reaches the three hundred and some stairs - I would have to give up.
 Remember the video from a couple of days ago of the guy who took the drive. This shows the narrow amount of water he dove into.
 A zoom shot of the Malecon. A lot of big buildings going up
 Heading back towards Olas Altas. I like the blue stairs and glass.
 I remember this house from years ago when I took a cruise that stopped here. The tour I took went past it. Two colors of tile on the front of it.
 Look at all the colors on this hill.
 Water bottles waiting in the street. 
 I remember my grandmother always wearing aprons like this when I was growing up. 
 A reindeer with a floral headdress on a roof downtown. 

More Carnaval items. Carnaval started yesterday. So no more going to Centro for a week.
A year ago this fence, which hides an empty lot, was covered with the artificial plants and it looked really nice.  It now needs some repair. Was so pretty.
We are managing to keep busy before and during Carnaval. Staying away from Centro and all the festivities and people. Never fear I will have something to post about. 

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