Monday, February 3, 2020

More Serendipity Wednesday

We remained at home all day yesterday. It rained and was just nasty weather. This morning the sky is black, but so far no rain but the winds are rocking the RV. Well the rains are here along with thunder. The Internet goes away every time it starts to rain. Comes back on when it stops for a while. Going to post NOWGlad we did enough last week to keep the blog going. 
Bottom green star. 
There is a house on Carnaval by the Plazuela Machado that I have admired for years. About five years ago they did an extensive restoring of the outside. And since then there has been from time to time work going on inside. This is the house. It is actually a pale yellow. For a long time it was for sale for $800,000 USD. Now it has a for rent sign on one of the section on the ground floor. 
Looking up at the underside of the balconies. They are painted white. The small trim things are painted gold. 
A couple of the doors were open so of course I had to stop and look in. This gentleman came out and saw me snooping. He stopped to talk to Bill and then asked us if we wanted to go in. DID I WANT TO GO IN! You bet your bippee I did. 
Bill asked if it was still for sale - Yes, for one million USD. He actually lives in Ensenada but has fixed up an apartment in the home for when he and his wife are here. 
So he took us on a tour of the place, it is huge! I even forgot to take many pictures and the ones I did take don't do it justice. [ keep telling myself that when I take pictures I know I'm going to share that I need a story plan - but I get so excited I forget about the plan.] But any way here they are. Oh - I asked when it was built - The original home was built in 1795 by one of the first families of Mazatlan The Lizarraga family. In the very early 1900's it was updated and changed to what it is now. The house also has its own water supply - didn't catch it either a spring or a well. Still in use.
The first thing that caught my attention were the ceiling beams. They are original and were all cut and shaped by hand. 
Waling through the enormous rooms head towards the rear of the building. Kind of Moorish screen wall leading to a patio. 
Workmen were all over the building. Some of the rooms off the patio 
Up a stair case to the second floor - this mural on the wall half way up.
A small kitchen has  been completed. The house has a strange layout. Check out the windows with the shades on them. An original wall. And more hand made beams. 
Two bedrooms with attached bathrooms are almost completed. 
Looking out from one of the balconies in front. 
Another look at the ceiling beams. 
This looks into the master bedroom which is being used. Did not take pictures of one wall that is all storage closets and shelves. Beautiful. Also an attached bathroom. 
A lot of arches - the turquoise wall is the stairway leading downstairs. Lots of iron work on stairs. 

Scattered around a lot of niches. 
One of the rooms on ground level that is rented out to a travel agency. All hand carved ceiling and cornice. Beautiful. 

Wish I'd taken a lot more pictures, but didn't want to be too intrusive and some times just forgot. 
But sure glad we got to go inside. Hope it is finished some day and put to use. Would be a great bed and breakfast. 
Several years ago we got to go into the Casa Haas while it was being remodeled. That also is an amazing building and quite a history with it. To read that blog click here. Lots of pictures of the inside. 

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