Thursday, February 27, 2020

What is it with El Quelite

What is it with me and El Quelite - or - Now I know why Mexican women carry umbrellas.
Yesterday Bill, Mark and I went to El Quelite probably for the last time this year as we will all be gone from here in about eight days.
Enjoyed a nice breakfast at the restaurant and then took a walk around town. Stopping to listen to and watch the teenagers of El Quelite's marching band. There is sound with these. 

These kids are pretty good.

To watch full screen Click Here

On our walk we stopped to admire this massive tree that has had a wall built around it
The limbs are huge. 
Just to show the size of the tree. 
So what does the tree have to do with anything?  Well as I was standing under its branches admiring it I felt something hit my head and neck. I though it was a bug and squealed and slapped my neck. My finger came away wet??? Then I looked at my fingers, THERE WAS YELLOW BROWN STUFF ON THEM!!!  I didn't believe it. I had been shat on again! This time outside by a bird? iguana? No I didn't take a picture!
Back to the restaurant to wash up and washed my blouse when we got home. 
Again? you ask. Yes again. Read section below of when the iguana dumped on me. 
Interesting experience at lunch
Well I had an experience in Mexico today that I doubt too many people have had.
We drove back to El Quelite today for lunch in the neat restaurant. Remember how I mentioned it was like being in the jungle to eat there. Well……we were sitting at the table when I felt something hit my head and back. Felt damp. I checked to see where the parrot was. He was sitting on his perch eating corn on the cob. I looked up into the tree. Hum….maybe they had watered the trees earlier and a breeze had caused some water to fall. Started to eat and felt something again. I brushed my head with my hand, didn’t feel anything. Bill asked what was wrong. I said something fell on me. He looked up and some leaves were slowly floating down. Didn’t feel like leaves. Weird. Then plop, plop again on my head and back. I was looking up and feeling my head. Suddenly the waiters and waitresses were pulling me out of my chair and pulling our food off the table. They were pointing into the trees. Finally I got Bill to translate – through his laughter – there were a couple of iguanas in the tree fighting. Well when iguanas fight they poop. One guess what was in my hair and down my back. Yep! Our food hurriedly got moved to another table. The manager came out and said she would get me another shirt and wash mine. Then they took me into a bathroom where I could rinse my hair and change clothes. After that we finished our lunch. Me in my borrowed shirt and wet hair. Every so often someone would look at me and try to hide their laughter. It was kind of funny though. Not everyone gets shat by on iguanas while eating lunch.
Here’s a couple of pictures of the culprits. One is orange with black stripes and one is green. Both were a couple of feet long. You can read the whole blog  by clicking hereI will carry an umbrella next time we are in El Quelite. 
Today we went to La Noria and the new restaurant and hotel there. Making the most of our remaining time here.


Mark said...

The wild life sure have it out for you in El Quelite that is for sure...

Kathy Tycho said...

Poor you!

Carol and Bill said...

Nothing like being shit upon to let you know where you stand in the world.