Friday, February 7, 2020

Drone video and pictures El Quelite

Some drone footage from El Quelite  Click here to see it full screen. 
Another video.
Lots of farming going on around town. 
Trying to look down into the restaurant - too many big trees. 
Notice the white part of the roof of the front of the restaurant.
The laundry hanging out to dry. 
Theplace with the colored walls is a B&B.
The vendors and horses in front of the restaurant. 
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get out of the way of the Jeep.
Went up to the rooster ranch. Some beautiful birds there. Over 2000 at one time. 
The road up the hill to the bakery, cemetery and rooster ranch has been widened and paved. 
Beautiful tail feathers
Lots of colors on this one. 

Looking down on the cemetery.
Guess they had a little  bit of a lot of paint. 

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